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January 6, 2016 11:21 AM

I don’t believe I’m human.

Because I don’t believe I’m human, I don’t believe in Death.

Funny how a simple shift in perspective can change your life.

What follows is the summation of evidence of the Soul, written for the book this morning.

Happy Birthday Tracy.

A Summary of the Evidence of the Soul

The two slit experiment of quantum theory says that consciousness is required for matter to exist—that consciousness exists prior to matter and bodies and brains. Quantum theory suggests that the brain and the body are simply physical vehicles for Consciousness to “drive about” while incarnate.

Quantum theory is a vector of evidence pointing to the reality of the Soul.

The thousands of investigated and verified reports of young children spontaneously recalling past lives—accounts from all over the world—point to the reality of a Soul that attaches itself to a body only temporarily, returning again and again to animate form over the course of multiple lifetimes.

The evidence of reincarnation is also a vector of evidence pointing to the reality of the Soul.

The thousands of extraordinarily lucid accounts of near death experiences—detailed accounts when the heart has stopped and brainwave activity has ceased—suggest that we-as-consciousness simply detach from the body at physical death. Detach and see and hear and think and feel just as we do now—sans body—at a time when the physical body is incapable of these experiences.

Near death experiences are another vector of evidence pointing to the reality of the Soul.

The consistency of the patterns of events in another realm—a Soul Realm—that has been revealed in hundreds of cases of hypnotic regression suggests that after our physical bodies die, we go to a place to review our previous life and select another life to incarnate in.

Hypnotic regression of life between lives is another vector of evidence pointing to the reality of the Soul.

The recollection of hundreds of children of their pre- and perinatal experiences in and around their mother’s body—verified accounts of events experienced when the fetus hasn’t developed the sense organs to perceive these events—is further evidence suggesting that the Soul is a fully cognizant entity that just uses the body as a vehicle to participate in this physical realm.

The pre- and perinatal recollections of young children is another vector of evidence pointing to the reality of the Soul.

Taken individually, each vector on its own is quite convincing—especially when considering that most of these experiences had their accuracy verified by third parties. When we combine these individual vectors together, then the findings are practically indisputable.

Five separate vectors of evidence. Five different approaches that each arrive at the same incontrovertible conclusion: You are not a human being—you never were. You are an eternal Soul.

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4 thoughts on “Five Vectors

  1. Does it ever feel for lack of better words as if you’ve experienced a kind of mutation per se in terms of how you function?
    It seems that one might wake up so to speak but still not be able to make sense of it but once it does every thought is seen for what it is almost on a chemical level… if now it becomes how you function.

    • I wouldn’t call it “mutation” since nothing is gained—only lost or removed. It is like taking off blinders or cleaning your dirty windshield. I see an experience the world far more clearly and quietly than I used to.

  2. When I say I don’t believe in death people look at me in a strange way. In fact I came to this conclusion when I was about 10 years old. My uncle had died and whislt everybody was upset I was relieved for him. So as I felt guilty I began questioning myself and realized that there was something there inside of me looking out from my eyes and it was impossible for this to die. I’m glad you say that too it makes me feel so much better, but I prefer to keep this to myself.

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