A Light Stone On A Medicine Circle

A Light Stone On A Medicine Circle


JUNE 30, 2016 5:20 PM

Garth came down from his campsite—a campsite I hadn’t known was there 12 hours ago—and asked me how I’d slept and I knew She’d whispered to him in the night. Spiritual people tend to pick up on Her vibe.

He said he hadn’t slept at all, that his mind was filled with insights since we talked yesterday, so I called him over and he sat and told me of his night and his plans and his past.

The day before, I had left my camp which was situated on a different road up the mountain. I didn’t really know why, but I just do what She tells me to do. She guided me up a new road and I soon found myself drawn to the site and unbeknownst to me the site was just below where Garth was camped.

Garth knows Mt. Shasta, is deeply in tune with the forest and the wildlife and the energy there. A wise man—a man who has lived his spiritual life wholeheartedly and has the scars to prove it. He makes a living writing screenplays and making films. He’s quite proud of his film Hobo Grove, a film he made based on a short-story he wrote in high school.

When Garth hiked down from my camp to train his binoculars on the peak, to watch the mountain climbers attempt the summit, I stepped into the woods to find a medicine circle that Garth’s friend had built just before he died.

Mt. Shasta has a very pure energy too her, an energy just below the surface of the physical world, and this—I’m sure—is what draws the spiritually inclined to her. I like the place.

I sat in the middle of the medicine circle facing north-by-northwest (I don’t know if that means anything, but that felt right), and I opened and expanded and She whispered, “This is a magical mountain, but it’s not your mountain,” and I saw my frog master sitting on his stone on a brook on Mt. Hood and I picked up a stone, a stone both light in color and weight, and placed it on the medicine circle at the NNW position and I rose and before I knew what I was doing I was packing up camp and leaving.

I didn’t want to leave—I liked it there—but I thought of the last thing that I/She/We said to Garth before he headed off to watch the climbers…

The hardest decisions I ever make are when my mind says ‘Right’ and She says ‘Left.’ But every time I turn Left, it always works out for the best… and I’m always grateful.

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3 thoughts on “Garth

  1. Wayne’s world, lol. A bit of entertainment with the word today. Party on Wayne. Let me know next time you are in Portland Wayne, dinner’s on me and my wife.

  2. Wayne, Waynester, Waynesterinoooooooo!!!
    She gives Us her all, every second, heartbeat, minute and lifetime!
    She has a way of attracting us moths.
    She also is universally famous for sending some packing, me included for a spell.
    But always, she’s there, beckoning, beaming.
    Many fear she may erupt, totally missing that she hasn’t ever stopped erupting waves of love.
    The waves that created this psychic tsunami of love that we’re surfing … The party is on, Wayne!

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