Giving and Getting

A Pleasant Little Stream

A Pleasant Little Stream


October 18, 2016 3:34 PM

I placed two DVDs I had bought last night on an outdoor table where someone would find them. I had burned them to my computer and didn’t need them anymore. Then I walked next door to get some coffee.

As soon as I stepped up to the counter, the barista gave me a free breakfast sandwich because she’d made an extra one by mistake.

Sometimes it works that way: Do a good deed. Get a good deed. Usually not that fast though. It felt conscious. It felt grateful. Like I’d given Her a gift and She’d given me one right back.

I saw the urologist yesterday. I asked her what she would do in my position and she said she’d find an area where she wanted to spend 3-6 months and see the VA there. The treatment could take two visits, or it could take two dozen depending on how the stone responded to them.

She wrote me a couple ‘scripts—one for pain flare-ups and one to dilate the kidneys so the stone has less chance of blocking the passage of urine (which is what causes the pain). The stone is too large to pass on its own (1.8cm) so I’ll have to do something—I won’t be able to just ignore it and hope it goes away—but it hadn’t bothered me before so I’m not too concerned about it bothering much now (at least not right now).

I’ll probably contact Prescott, AZ (where I signed up for the VA coverage earlier this year) and see if I can set up an appointment over the phone, but not now.

Now I’m just going to chill by this pleasant little mountain stream that I’m calling home for a day or two.

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6 thoughts on “Giving and Getting

  1. Yes it is cool how life works concerning the ‘give’ and the ‘get’. Though I see it from
    the Dream viewpoint, it still registers. Hope you’re feeling better.

  2. Glad to see you did not need emergency surgery. From personal experience I can tell you that is when it gets really challenging. The reason is that you get stuck with whatever general surgeon is on call, rather than a seasoned expert in a particular specialty. As a result, you face a higher risk of complications. For that reason, if I were you (based on over 35 years of working in hospitals), I would pick the VA hospital with the most expert nephrologist/surgeon – someone who does the procedure you need hundreds of times a year instead of several times a year.

    To an unenlightened person, your situation would provide the perfect excuse for intense worry and panic (in the short term) and depression (in the long term). In contrast, it provides YOU with a unique teaching moment. In this post, you have demonstrated a very powerful technique – facing the reality of the situation with acceptance and saying “I’m all right, right now”.

    I trust that you will continue to share your views of the contrast between the way ordinary consciousness would view this portion of your trip and the way enlightened consciousness views it, using your “Tao of Transparency” style.

    • Thanks for the advice Rob.

      Re the sharing: I often wonder when I’m sharing too much “me stuff.” Trying to find the balance between Wayne-stuff and theory is tricky and I was wondering if the kidney stone series would be too much Wayne-stuff. Thanks for the insights. I DO see this experience far differently than the first time around (ten years ago), even though I thought of myself as quite spiritually advanced (mostly Mind though, not much Heart). I’ll try to keep those differences in mind as I share these new experiences.

  3. Hi Wayne,

    Hope you are feeling better. Doesnt matter whatever your level of consciuosness, a kidney stone is a pain in the arse. Good luck with your cure.


  4. Wayne … you might look into Medicaid in Oregon or California (or WA). You wouldn’t really have to change your domicile … just get an address in chosen state, apply for Medicaid, and then you may have greater and quicker access for resolution of your stone. No cost, really.

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