How To Make Yourself Happier Anytime You Want


March 16, 2016 10:37 AM

Whenever you want to be happier, all you have to remember are these two words:

Less [YourName].

When you say them to yourself, say them like a director saying them to an actor on a movie set, “Less Wayne.”

I will often accompany this with a little visualization where I see myself pulling the Ego/Wayne-story out the top of my head and dropping him to the ground like an empty sack of potatoes.

If you want to remember why “Less [YourName]” works, you can remember this simple rhyme:

The less I focus on me,
The happier I will be.

What you focus on, you become, so “Less [YourName]” shifts your focus away from the you-story and to a far more important thing: This Moment.

Stressed in traffic? Say to yourself, “Less [YourName].

Concerned about finances? “Less [YourName].”

Giving a public talk? “Less [YourName].”

Finding yourself in an argument? “Less [YourName].”

Self-conscious? “Less [YourName].”

Worried? “Less [YourName].”

Angry? “Less [YourName].”

Spouse not doing what you want? “Less [YourName].”

Bad day? “Less [YourName].”

Afraid? “Less [YourName].”

Want to approach a stranger? “Less [YourName].”

First date? “Less [YourName].”

Asked for advice? “Less [YourName].”

Helping someone? “Less [YourName].”

Providing a service? “Less [YourName].”

Concerned you might fail? “Less [YourName].”

Sad? “Less [YourName].”

Feeling sorry for yourself? “Less [YourName].”

Regretting the past? “Less [YourName].”

Selfish? “Less [YourName].”

Self-centered? “Less [YourName].”

Wanting? “Less [YourName].”

Discouraged? “Less [YourName].”

The Dalai Lama once said, “Everybody wants the same thing: Happiness.”

The less there is of you, the more there is of Happiness.

What you focus on, you become.

The less I focus on me,
The happier I will be.

“Less Wayne, dude. Less Wayne.”

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