Life as a Project

A Project's Task List

A Project’s Task List


March 20, 2016 12:18 PM

After lunch, I cracked open the fortune cookie and read:

Nothing gets in the way of your vision of yourself in the future.

This struck me because my vision of my future is “Death.”

liked this fortune.

Reading this message, I realized I (now) look at life as if it is a project.

“Today’s project is to wake up, stabilize your awakening, and share what you learn along the way.”

For the Soul, “Today’s project” is just a single human lifetime. Just a tiny task on your big Cosmic To-Do List.

When this project ends in a few days/weeks/months/years/decades, I’ll take a little down time and start a new one.

No big deal. Just another day in the life of a Soul.

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3 thoughts on “Life as a Project

  1. Hi Wayne,

    My perspective is this. I asked myself the question, once I realised we were infinite beings. What the hell am I going to do when I have done it all? There has to be more than life being a project or a chore or a journey. Whatever word you choose to decribe the experience…

    I then realised one incarnation on this planet as a human being is only one tiny fragment of all life in this huge massive unimaginable giant Universe where there are MILLIONS of galaxies with even more MILLIONS of planets and all kinds of conceivable lifeforms. I think we will forever be entertained. And by the time we have been every lifeform that this Universe has birthed for at least once, then we can proceed to parallel Universes and do it all over again for eternity, but with slightly different conditions. It never ends because the future writes itself. Becoming part of Oneness is not becoming integrated. It’s becoming aware of the infinite nature of existence and embracing that. Enlightenment was for me to realize this:

    I once did a meditation on mescaline from a Peruvian Torch and landed on the highest level. I really mean the highest. I was out of body and floated in a golden aura above a sea of souls with a very high frequency that had no fluctuations, this was absolute peace. I felt Oneness as a whole, but also felt all individual souls. I knew all but at the same time knew nothing. THIS WAS IT. I enjoyed it thoroughly for a while. The reentry into 3D was extremely painful, I really know now what resistance and contrast mean.

    And the next morning it hit me. We are not here to be slaves to our ego-minds, that is the lesson of duality we need to overcome. We are here to use our imagination, feel texture, to experience fingers through our hairs, to feel bodies joined together while having sex, to really feel the love energy in physicality. In our state of consciousness we are pure energy, but we only know of these things and cannot truly feel them. And the desire to experience this freedom is so great, that’s why we keep coming back.

    On this planet we are humans so in denial of our humanity and our true potential. In our collective consciousness energetic state, we already know it all. don’t you see… This is the spiritual lesson for all of us. Oh, how we want to escape it all and be that ‘magical spiritual being’. Source loves irony… Only in physicality we can execute what we thought of in our energetic state. I have been up there. It bored me after 15 minutes.

    Mars Asa Yuva

  2. Hi Marcel!

    Thanks for your post! I know similiar experiences. I had a short contact with some of the “immortals” (meaning the have achieved full enlightenment of all the bodies, including the physical) from the daoist Neidan tradition. They are so high energy that the could burn this physical body literally to ashes. Not only are there countless galaxies, there are countless dimensions we can visit and study. To me it feels they are closed to us unless we clear our load (karma) that binds us to this earth. Once that load is cleared we can make much more conscious choices and awakening does not clear the load. It will clear some but then gets stuck if there is no openess to this innerwork…..which means fully feeling without condition and mentalstory what we are feeling and because we have shut our emotionalbodies sooo down this is very hard for us and that is why i allways recommend Michael Browns (the presence process) and Scott kilobys work. But with all this dimensions never let us forget the source of it all. All the best to you! Michael

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