Love From… ?

A Scene From The Road

A Scene From The Road


October 20, 2016 3:06 PM

I awoke last night filled with love. This is happening more and more lately. It’s not like I’m trying or practicing or doing anything different.

It’s just happening.

It’s not really a focused love, just a broad, flowing love. I wake up and I feel this wonderful love for everything and everyone. It’s beautiful. I can’t do this consciously… at least not as deeply as when I wake up out of a sound sleep with it.

The kidney stone—or more accurately, the knowledge of it—seems to have exacerbated this condition. This radiant, unintentional and unconditional love.

I think because it reminds me of my mortality. That I’ll die soon (don’t freak out by that statement, you’re going to die soon too). And the thinking about dying reminds me of my purpose, of why I’m here: To get this book written and loose in the world.

Not for myself.

For you.

For love.

I know I’m crazy.

Please don’t have me committed.

It's Time To Wake Up

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7 thoughts on “Love From… ?

  1. I have also had this experience and I can now trigger it consciously by just thinking about it, and I send it back and say thankyou.
    Love Happiness

  2. Dying daily, as the stones song says. Jon Peniel states that the key to enlightenment is unselfish love and humility. Sounds like you’ve attained both Wayne. Get well soon.

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