A Milk-a-what-ic?

A Milk-a-what-ic?


December 7, 2016 1:49 PM

I get at least one email a day asking me what I think about Trump. Some think he’s going to revolutionize American politics. Some think he’s going to be the next Hitler. Many think he’s just plain stupid.

After his call with Taiwan (the unintended start of WW III or the beginning of a prosperous new era?) I’m not sure if he’s stupid like a cow (above) or stupid like a fox (here).

Personally, I prefer to not to listen to the media (and who would after how completely corrupt and manipulative they were on our elections? (I, obviously, was for the Bern.)).

I prefer the here and now. What is happening really. Not in my mind. Not in my emotions. Not in cyberspace. What’s happening right here, right now.

Who knows what the future holds?

Two pieces I’d like to share:

Alan Watts on “The Story of the Chinese Farmer.”

And tonight (6pm Pacific time) a broadcast from Adyashanti on “In Times of Turmoil.”

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2 thoughts on “Maybe

  1. I don’t know what to make of Trump. I’ve come to realize that you can’t believe the media or anything for that matter. Nothing is as it appears. All is Divine…but this hard to believe sometimes after listening to Trump 😉

  2. Hi Wayne,

    I like John Peniel’s attitude towards the media. He says that its used on the unsuspecting public to program the subconscious to influence behaviour. It preys on the fears of what you call the shadow self. The media is best not viewed/listened to except with a very discerning eye/ear.

    It is a difficult enough job to defang one’s ego, with its stupid fallacies. Next its a challenge to defang all the nonsensical prejudices and assumptions one collects from school and social groups. One doesnt need the added complexities of malintended advertising in one’s subconscious. In addition , look at all the nonsense hollywood tries to feed us.

    Almost better to be a nomad. :-). Me, i turn off the sound on tv commercials and i only watch sports, also mostly silently.

    As for Trump, i just wonder if he and all his billionaire cabinet members can balance the budget, repeal the patriot act, repeal tpp, keep some kind of universal health care and stop all the warmongering. Will be an interesting watch.


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