An empty, empty Desert

An empty, empty Desert


January 18, 2016 4:04 PM

Is the spiritual quest entirely selfish? Is it something we do “only for the sheer joy and bliss of taking the ride?” Is there any reason for it other than to alleviate our own suffering, to make us feel better?

Here’s an excerpt from an email from long-time reader Terry:

Does our individual effort and accomplishments have any real impact on the TaoGod? My short answer to this last question is NO. So why be motivated to take the quest? Only for the sheer joy and bliss of taking the ride. Any ideas?

do have some ideas…

For most people—myself included—the beginning of their spiritual quest is almost entirely selfish and self-centered. I’ve often said that the reason people go to school for psychiatry is because they’re screwed up and want to fix themselves. It’s pretty much the same thing for most spiritual seekers.

But this selfishness—to fix one’s self—is a very important part of the spiritual quest. Without that personal motivation, there’d be little reason to continue to plug away at it for the years (decades! lifetimes!) it takes to transcend the little me-thing.

But Terry’s question comes from a higher level. Once the self is seen through, isn’t it kind of hypocritical to continue on? Is there a self-less reason to continue—a reason that benefits TaoGodHer? Doesn’t She have everything already?

In the diagram of the 9 Aspects of Being—posted before I received Terry’s email—you’ll see that the unhealthy flavor of I AM is meaninglessness. If everything is One, if everything is God, if everything is as it should be, then why do anything? Notice that all these questions are very logical and rational. They make sense. Moreover, notice they are at the very top of the Path of the Mind (the Aspects on the right-hand side of the diagram).

This meaninglessness, this emptiness, this nihilism (We believe in NOTHING, Lebowski!), is exactly why it is so important to balance the path of the Mind with the path of the Heart, because it is the path of the Heart which knows that it is through our eyes, that the Divine sees… that our spiritual development is a gift to Her. That the less there is of me, the more there is of the Divine.

After the self is transcended, then the less I stand in Her way, the more clearly She can experience the World… an experience which Amelie demonstrates so beautifully as she helps a blind man down a street in Paris:

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7 thoughts on “Meaninglessness

  1. We create for no other reason than we are part of creation. Therefore even nothingness, meaningless, nihilism is not “the end”. Hence we can go beyond mind/ logic etc and realize her… behind the curtain.
    Movies have become our modern day parables! 🙂

  2. Any comment I might leave is certainly just an incomplete representation of the essential, maybe its better to say nothing. But if we open our hearts and accept half-thoughts as triggers for our own experience then maybe its better to go ahead and speak. Having said all that, let me take the third way and just regurgitate the ideas of another- because after all, aren’t we all just part of one big thing, making credit and plagiarism moot? Jung, in “Answer to Job”, suggests that the universe as one big thing, is in evolution, both God and man and we are the eyes and ears and mouth and evolving sentience of the one big thing. Perhaps we can take meaning from that, at least until the current identity disappears.
    As always, thanks Wayne.

  3. How about the reason of helping us to be clearer, truer people who will have a more positive impact on others? Anyone who has met someone in a genuinely elevated spiritual state of mind knows that simply being around that flame lights you up from within. Think of the lives you will impact… Just like Amelie.

  4. To add to what Michelle said, what about the idea that every individual that awakens makes it easier for the rest due to the interconnection of all?

  5. from the POST: “Once the self is seen through, isn’t it kind of hypocritical to continue on? Is there a self-less reason to continue—a reason that benefits TaoGodHer? Doesn’t She have everything already?”

    I was thinking, what if there were no separate identities, or “9 Aspects of Being”? What would that look like? Could She(I) truly know Her(my)self? There has to be movement, right? Life? A journey out, so there can be a joyous return home?

    I have been reading “The Ultimate Medicine:As prescribed by Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj – (Dialogues with a Realized Master)”, and here is the Maharaj, nearly on his deathbed from throat cancer, expending what energy he has left, in passionate discussion with….. -> WHO exactly? lol! WHO is he talking to? He is a fully realized Master of the ONE true reality…. What causes that one to stir at all?? To have a dialogue with himself???

    Finally I thought ,”Did I create the Maharaj only so I could find Myself?” Then I thought, “THAT is horrible! What a selfish thing for Lynn to do!”

    “Unless of course…..there is no Maharaj, and there is no Lynn, and there really IS just the ONE thing going on.”


  6. The Bhagavad Gita talks about this issue (selfless action), but maybe that would lead us too far…
    When in bliss, everything seems in perfect harmony and nothing is to be done. To me, it is both a profound truth… and a dangerous illusion. The same kind of illusion that makes you believe that, because you have realized your divine/perfect nature, you don’t need to fix yourself anymore. Reality check: the world is unperfect (just check the news), and so am I. So there is actually plenty of room for action!
    In higher states, you are not looking AT God (or Her perfect creation), you are looking AS God. As stated by Wayne, through you, the Divine is experiencing the World. I believe the opposite is also true: through you, the World is experiencing the Divine. Because the Divine is not so much an entity as it is an experience (the Divine essence of Life). And, as Amelie, we can experience the Divine by helping others to experience it.

  7. Beautiful and wonderful responses from all of you. I can see you’re all comfortable with paradoxes… not this OR that, but this AND that (unity AND separation, the individual AND the Divine). I love you all. 🙂

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