More Guys With Guns Trying To Intimidate

Where The Path Leads Is Uncertain

Where The Path Leads Is Uncertain


July 28, 2016 10:28 AM

The book is coming well. This new “focused version” is making it much easier to write. Or maybe it’s just the mountain.

Yesterday, I drove into town for some people time, then set up camp at this sweet spot I know, but last night—after dark—two guys set up their “camp” about 50 yards away and started firing their guns in what I guess was an attempt to drive me out.

Intimidation techniques don’t really work well with me anymore (hereherehere, and here) so I just rolled over and went back to sleep. This morning I saw them leave, so I thought that was the end of it, but it turns out they were planning on returning (they left some of their camping gear).

I don’t like to encourage bad behavior, but I have a book to write and I didn’t want the distractions (or their negative vibe), so I packed up and left.

I think I’ll head to my Frog Master camp. It doesn’t have connectivity so I might be offline for a few days. Bad for my internet addiction, but good for writing.

She works in mysterious ways.

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4 thoughts on “More Guys With Guns Trying To Intimidate

    • No, they were trying to drive me out. They drove up this long, dead-end road well after dark, so they knew about the one and only campsite, the site I was in. Then they “made camp” right in the road. Then they started shooting their guns (it’s pitch dark, they weren’t shoot at anything, just making a lot of noise (and implying it was a dangerous place to camp)). Shooting their guns intermittently from 10:30pm to around 2am.

      No big deal. Just a blog-worthy story. 🙂

  1. Hi Wayne,

    Noisemakers, when you are trying to have a peaceful camp, communing with nature, are a pain in the neck. I’d move too.

    I take it, Wayne, that you usually camp in free slots, like on federal land, so you must use solar for your electrical and municipal sanitary sites for your septic.

    I love camping, especially in idyllic spots. One gets a sense of nature one wouldnt get otherwise. I love trees, they just stand there straight and tall soaking up the sun’s generous rays. I even hugged one during my most recent outing. Tree-hugger, i am.

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