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Today’s Office


August 3, 2016 2:49 PM

I just sent the Witness chapter to Michelle for review. This new focused concept—not only being more clear and direct—is easier to write. And faster. Much faster.

I started writing the Witness chapter in the new format on July 20th. I finished it—all the way up to Second Draft status—today. That’s two weeks. Half the time the other chapters were taking me to write in the old format.

For those interested, here’s my writing chronology(?). I tag the sheets (Ulysses’ term for documents) with these keywords to keep myself organized.

  • Rough Draft: Words are dumped directly from the brain to the page. I review my outline (I use the Tree app), then dump whatever noise arises in my head to the page.
  • First Draft: I clean up the rough text to be fairly readable and with all obvious typos and grammar corrected. My blog posts rarely get past this stage.
  • Hemingwayed: I copy/paste the First Draft into the Hemingway App (there’s a web version here) and confirm how crappy a writer I am. I clean up most the mess and paste it back into Ulysses.
  • Second Draft: I read through it again with a less-mind-more-heart attitude, making any adjustments as seem appropriate with this attitude. I then let the draft “rest” for a few weeks and work on something else.
  • Final Draft: After coming back to it, I add in anything I’ve forgotten (I take notes during the “rest” period) and make sure I’m still happy with it.

Once I tag a sheet FInal Draft, I try not to mess with it again.

When all the chapters are finished, I export the manuscript to a final draft ebook. I’ll read it through a final time using the Kindle app while highlighting anything I want to change. I them dump those changes to the manuscript… and then I’m done. Well, done with the writing process.

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  1. Congrats Wayne, glad to hear u’r writing is flowing nicely. Mother nature as scenic backdrop is breathtaking as always. Hope you will include some pics of u’r travels, they are lessons within themselves. Have a great week! 🙂

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