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A Dog and a Kodger

A Dog and a Kodger


January 10, 2016 12:48 PM

You would think I’d have a “message” by now, and I guess I always have, but it just hasn’t clarified until the last couple of days of fantasizing about what I would do if I won the (now) 1.3 billion dollar lottery…

I’ve been hanging out at the Rubber Tramp Rendezvous the last few days, showing Serenity to the interested, catching up with old friends and making some new ones, and the talk (on occasion) has often shifted to the old, “What would you do if you won the lottery?”

And this got me thinking, with all those funds, I’d be able to buy publicity—I’d be able to really get my message out there—but then that thought left me with, “Well, what exactly is my message?”

How can I summarize such a complicated thing as Mystical Oneness and its nine “aspects of being” (like that phrase?) into one simple, easy to say and easy to remember message?

Yeah, I know, normal people think about houses and cars and round-the-world trips when they think about winning the lottery and I think about messages.

So after great thought, what I want the World to know—what I want to share with the World—is simply this:

The less there is of you, the more there is of Love.

Less me-me-me-me-me = more capital-L Love.

That’s my message.

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16 thoughts on “My Message

  1. @All: Thanks! Certainly a lot easier to explain than, “The less there is of you, the more there is of Her.” (“Her who? What do you mean by TaoGodHer? Is She God? God’s a she? …”). 🙂

  2. Spirituality for the masses… Simple and sounds logical too: the less I am centered on me (narcissism/egotism), the more I am centered on you (love/altruism). The true paradox is: the less I am concerned about myself and my own happiness, the more I will actually be myself (Soul) and experience lasting happiness (Love). Kids, “The less me-me, the more happy” 😉

  3. What a coincidence that you would ask yourself this question. I asked myself this question. What would I do if I won $1.4 billion dollars. My answer was: live the live of nomadic freedom that Wayne Wirs is blessed to have…Maybe you don’t need $1.4 bilion dollars to do so. I’m guessing you don’t have $1.4 billion if you are asking yourself that question 😉

  4. Becoming the world’s first billionaire rational mystic would generate a million dollars worth of free publicity, no doubt about that. Your campsite would be invaded by satellite trucks and perky/pesky reporters sticking microphones in your face asking you how it feels and what are you going to do with the money, etc. So your message will get out without spending a dime of your windfall. So I suggest you invest a portion of your winnings in a large parcel of land and create an RV park for nomadic spiritual seekers. Just don’t call it ‘Wayne’s World’ or nobody will take you seriously. It would also be a nice gesture to buy RV’s for all your loyal followers so we can join you for the grand opening. I’d like a silver one, please. Good luck!

  5. I like the park idea but with a 1.3b publicity budget, I would also suggest to… buy airtime on national/international networks (LessYouMoreLove 24/7!), set up your own channel (TaoGodHer TV!), publish your new book in fifty languages (as famous as the Bible!) and… run for presidency (YesWeLove!). Ok, maybe you could spare some change for family/friends/followers (come on, don’t be selfish…). On the other hand, with that kind of money, you could compete with Bill Gates and run some kind of charity foundation to help saving the world. Tough call. [No, seriously, it’s a good question: what would you DO with the money ? How would you put spirituality into action ? Anyone ?]

  6. Yes indeed. But imagine: for Wayne to win the Big Prize twice, both at the spiritual and at the material level, would be synchronicity at its best… and for the first time in human history we would have the ultimate proof of the existence of God!! Ok, just kidding 🙂

  7. hi wayne,

    this is xiaodong. i met you at the rtr, and you were so kind to show me your van and give me some advice.

    i chewed on whether to send off some not so petty cash after that jackpot, but dissuaded myself after meditating on this line from daniel norris’ espn interview

    “I’m actually more comfortable being kind of poor,” he says, because not having money maintains his lifestyle and limits the temptation to conform.

    • LOL. Cute xiaodong, saving me from conformity by keeping me poor. Love it!

      It was great meeting you, sorry I didn’t get the chance to say goodbye, but Bob was interviewing me as you were leaving. Hope to see you on the road someday soon!

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