Mystical Oneness Reminders

There's Beauty Everywhere

There’s Beauty Everywhere


May 23, 2016 1:12 PM

From the book in progress. Save these reminders to your phone and ask yourself them throughout the day. Don’t rush through them, really think about answering the questions. If the answer is ‘No’ to any one of them, ask yourself, “Why not?”

The smart have their theories, but the wise have their scars.

The Questions

Right now, am I feeling connected to my BODY? (Mortal)

Right now, do I see my ROLES as just clothing? (Outer Ego)

Right now, am I FREE OF SELF-JUDGEMENT? (Inner Ego)

Right now, am I feeling CAREFREE? (Soul)

Right now, am I seeing through the BOUNDARIES? (Witness)

Right now, am I seeing TAOGOD? (Mystic)

Right now, am I totally ACCEPTING of this situation? (Self)

Right now, am I feeling CONNECTED to all that I see? (I AM)

Right now, am I experiencing LOVE? (TaoGod(I))

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3 thoughts on “Mystical Oneness Reminders

  1. FYI: I changed the Soul question above from “Am I taking anything too SERIOUSLY” to “Am I feeling CAREFREE” to satisfy the if-you-answer-No-to-any-question criteria. Sorry about that.

  2. Hi Wayne, I loved this last post. I am newer at doing internet things and I thought I had subscribed to your blog, or at least to the part that includes comments. But I am not sure if i had. Anyway, I took some time this morning to play around with wordpress, and I hope I will be more connected to what you do.
    I love your work and it is very helpful as I clunk along trying to get more connected with Tao/God.
    Keep up the good words/work

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