Selfless Love

This Photo Has Nothing To Do With The Article

This Photo Has Nothing To Do With The Article


February 22, 2016 12:45 PM

Ever have an infant look up at you? What did you see?

Selfless Love.

So often we think unconditional Love is impossible, that there is no way we could ever exhibit such selfless Love.

But you have it. You have always had it. It’s a part of your nature.

How do I know?

Because once you were that infant staring up at a stranger.

Selfless, unconditional Love. It is there within you. It has always been.

It is just trapped behind your me-me-me mind.

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4 thoughts on “Selfless Love

  1. So true Wayne ,I think that selfless unconditional love gets lost when I cease to love myself unconditionally. Isn’t that what happens when we grow up,we are taught that this or that is not good about ourselves and we take it personely and end up projecting that onto other people , often unconsciously. Your thoughts?

  2. It seems to me that there is inside us a source of unmanifested, formless love that is just waiting opportunities to take form and express itself. It has nothing to do with being a nice guy. Actually, we have no choice: something in us compells us to love.
    @Arthur: if you can get in touch with your loving source, it will heal your wounds.

  3. It’s the middle way. In this love there is no attachment. Free from karma, not bound to cause and effect because there is no separate “I” that is loving something outside of “myself.” Pure and light hearted. Beautiful. Great posting.

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