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Anti-Washboard Road Devices

Anti-Washboard Road Devices


November 19, 2016 12:33 PM

We all love simple solutions. Simple solutions are easy to understand. Simple solutions sell well. They tweet well. They share well.

But simple solutions rarely solve complex problems.

We in America are about to learn this lesson first-hand. We (hopefully) are going to become wise. Because while the smart have their theories (simple solutions), the wise have their scars (failures). Building walls won’t work. Banning abortions won’t work. Registering muslims won’t work.

The problems are too complicated.

Simple solutions work quite effectively though, with simple problems.

The reason that enlightenment sells is because it offers a simple solution: You are not your ego.

The reason enlightenment rarely works (is realized) is because “your ego” is a complicated system.

So how do you get enlightenment to work? Like any other complex problem: You break it down (your sense of self) into simple parts and apply simple solutions to those parts.

I broke down the sense of self into nine, simpler aspects and offer simple solutions for each of them. Ergo the title, Mystical Oneness and the Nine Aspects of Being.

But this isn’t just a pitch for the book, it’s my attitude on the collective angst many Americans are feeling. I can’t offer you a simple solution to the problems facing American society. The problems are too complex for simple, tweet-able, protest-able, whine-able, headline-able solutions. They won’t work. They’re not rational and I’m all about being rational.

What I can offer you though, is a simple solution to your problem. Society is too complex, but you are not. You are much simpler.

My simple solution to your emotional state is this:

Act from Love. Live from Love. Focus on Love. And—because what you focus on, you become—you will be Love… Love incarnate.

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  1. A follow up: The reason simple solutions don’t solve complex problems is because they inevitably (but unintentionally) cause more problems. You may “fix” one problem, but you end up creating a dozen more. Repeat the cycle enough and you end up digging yourself in deeper and deeper.

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