Since Yesterday…

The Mysterious Third Rock

The Mysterious Third Rock


February 9, 2016 12:00 PM

I’ve decided to make my camp in the same spot until this round of the Insights cease. Maybe they have, but since what happened yesterday (after yesterday’s post) and last night, I’ll just keep camping there until things quiet down a bit.

After yesterday’s post (and some errands, and some lunch) I headed back to the area around Ehrenberg, but was tempted to find a new camp along the Colorado river. Mysteriously—for me at least since my life tends to flow smoothly and effortlessly—things kept getting in my way (a line at the gas station, a missed turn, …) and so I took this “resistance” as a sign to return to my previous camp.

As soon as I pulled in, I opened the van door, stepped out and just then my eyes fell on a weird rock on the ground in front of me (pictured above). It seems to be composed of half a clear, light crystal and half a black, solid rock. Even more mysterious than the coincidence with yesterday’s post is the fact that the two halves are so perfectly separated, yet solidly joined as one.

Go figure.

Then, last night, six numbers came to me in my aware-yet-asleep state, and I recorded them into my voice recorder.

Then, getting up to relieve myself, I wasn’t at all surprised to not see a shooting star. Satisfied that the Insights must be over, I “finished up” what I was doing standing out there naked in the desert, glanced up and saw another shooting star. Seriously. I wouldn’t believe it either if it didn’t happen to me.

So I’ll play those mysterious numbers for Wednesday night’s Powerball.

If you wish to risk two bucks, here are the first five numbers in the order they came to me: 19-64-45-65-15. I’ll save the last power ball number for myself (so very selfish) to reduce the chance that I’ll have to split the big prize with anyone (I know, I know), but those five, if they hit, should clear you a cool million.

Personally, I have my doubts about a win with these numbers, but that rock (and the “mysterious coincidence” of yesterday’s post (and the shooting star (again!))) is just so odd… even for me.

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8 thoughts on “Since Yesterday…

  1. PS: Yes, I know that this post dramatically increases the chance I’ll make less if we hit the numbers (even hitting just the 5 with enough people could cause the lottery officials to reduce the winnings to cover their allotted funds), but then I wouldn’t be much of a Mystic if I didn’t live true to my Heart.

  2. Good luck with the lottery, i believe winning it is predestined, we all experience what we need/ or meant to experience. That crystal/ stone is an interesting sign! Glad u’r documenting all this, it could prove decisive when you reveal the BIG PICTURE. 🙂

  3. The two-in-one stone is indeed interesting. Tao rocks !! 🙂
    If you win the lottery, it will prove that God exists. If you don’t, it will prove… that God doesn’t want to be proven (at least not this time).
    Either way, good luck Wayne.
    PS: I’m not playing because I already know the answer 😉

  4. @Paul: I’m such a fool ! Once again, Life has proven to be much smarter than Me. It’s not about knowing the answer, stupid. It’s about finding the question.
    As I was reading “I am That”, I stumbled upon these lines:
    ” Duality lasts only as long as it is not questioned. The trinity: mind, self and spirit (vyakti, vyakta, avyakta), when looked into, becomes unity. These are only modes of experiencing: of attachment, of detachment, of transcendence. ”
    Then, thinking of your picture, it’s struck me: of course, The Mysterious Third Rock…

    We don’t just carry one stone, we carry three: Attachment, Detachment, Transcendence.
    There is nothing to unite because nothing was ever divided !

  5. Lol. Reminds me of Hesse’s novel, Steppenwolf. The main character, struggling with his two-sided nature, finally finds peace when he understands that his true nature is like a diamond, with hundreds of facets.
    Imagine: hundreds of stones ! Hope you have big pockets 🙂

  6. On the dark rock I see a figure of a man with his arms folded across his chest. The light rock appears to be pure white and almost lit from within. I think that the bottom half of the third rock looks like a face and the top half of it looks like a brain.

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