Something You May Not Know About Me…

Triggering the Camera by Mistake

Triggering the Camera by Mistake


January 24, 2016 2:18 PM

Synchronistic events and other “little miracles” start to awaken as the ego weakens—and the ego takes a serious hit when you nurture the Soul Aspect. From the book-in-progress (First draft. Standard grammar, spelling, punctuation disclaimer)…

Living As A Soul

What is it actually like to live as a Soul? To live your life as if you live forever and that your body is nothing more than a temporary vehicle used to operate in and interact with the manifest world?

As a direct result of no longer taking the slings and arrows of life so seriously, your ego weakens dramatically and your investment in the me-me-me-thing is diminished. With the weakening of the ego, a space opens up within your identity, and vistas—previously unseen—mysteriously open: [WGW Note: Each of the following will be examined in the book] Small miraculous coincidences start to occur; fears are examined and dropped; a more authentic life is lived; the drama of the manifest world is seen as temporary; desire to control and manipulate events ease; the body is viewed as a vehicle to “drive around in;” and the fear of death quiets considerably.

To live as a Soul is to live a relaxed and carefree life—yet a life filled with the miraculous.

The Awakening of the Siddhis

The less there is of you, the more there is of the Mystery.

One of the most difficult aspects for many people to accept is the awakening of the siddhis—of new and powerful paranormal events and abilities. As the ego weakens as we shift our identity from human to Soul, synchronistic events and paranormal abilities become common—even expected. For millennia, spiritual teachers have warned that these siddhis should never be “owned” by the spiritual student lest he become identified with them. To identify with the siddhis (“I can read minds!”) is to strengthen the ego, not weaken it—to become pompous and proud, not humble and grateful. The healthy way to view siddhis is as if they are fleeting morsels of a delightful and rare fruit—a moment to enjoy and appreciate—and not as possessions to be hoarded and owned.

Synchronistic events—odds defying coincidences and good luck—start to increase as the Soul Aspect is nurtured. Later, when we address the Mystic Aspect, we’ll look deeper into the implications of these “little miracles,” but for now, I’ll just relate how the siddhis began to awaken in my life…

Though I had been practicing meditation for nearly 30 years, aside from a few fleeting glimpses of the nondual state, I had very little to show for all those years of hard work. Yet in less than three months of living as a Soul, I experienced such an intense shift in my identity as to change my life forever. Living as a Soul weakened my ego (the less there is of you…) to the point that profound spiritual change became inevitable and irreversible (the more there is of the miraculous).

In March 2007, I was broke and in debt and out of work, yet I felt remarkably unconcerned. Over the course of only a few months, I had experienced a past life, researched and digested the evidence of the Soul, and convinced both my mind and my heart that the Soul was real. I no longer considered myself a human being. My identity had shifted from assuming I was a mortal man to knowing that I was an eternal Soul. I was a Soul, I knew I was one, and just as important, I was living as one. Sitting in meditation one evening—after less than three months of living as a Soul—I had a profound experience: A “vision” that I perceived both visually and physically. From the March 6, 2007 entry of my personal journal:

Last night, as I sat in meditation, I suddenly felt a powerful movement of Light slide from above my head and down to the base of my spine. It then slowly moved back upward toward the center of my chest. Gradually it condensed into a ball of spinning white light and slowly drifted over to my upper left pectoral muscle. In my mind’s eye, I could see this ball of light swirling and condensing as the skin above the muscle grew warm and taunt. As the light swirled and compressed to about the size of a grape, it suddenly exploded out and away from my skin. What was left was a very distinct hole from which pure white light radiated outward.

This was not an exercise or a visualization. It had started out as my typical meditation: I had been reciting and contemplating my mantra, “Who am I?” as I had done hundreds (thousands, millions) of times before, when the ball of Light appeared out of nowhere, spontaneously and unsought. The Light moved as if it had a consciousness and life all its own.

To this day, I can still feel the original “hole” left by this experience—a deep “well” not in my physical body, but in some sort of psychic energy sheath that feels as close as a second skin. At the time, I called this hole a God Well, and experienced it as a hole in my ego, with a distinctly felt Divine Light shining out of it.

This God Well was the first of many siddhis to be experienced over the course of the next few years—siddhis that would manifest most commonly as odds-defying good luck, but sometimes as psychic “intuitions” or otherworldly guidance. But at the time, I didn’t understand the implications of the siddhis:

The less there is of you, the more there is of the Divine.

I suspected that I could open these God Wells on others, indeed, I ended up making a couple thousand dollars over the next few months doing just that, but—being a rational mystic—I knew I had to experiment with the idea first. In an attempt to open a new God Well on myself, I visualized placing a “water droplet” over my other pectoral muscle as a sort of “seed” to stimulate the opening, then placed my hand over my chest and redirected the Light toward the water droplet. From my journal entry of that day:

Today, as I was opening a God Well over my right pectoral muscle, I decided to insert an issue into the starting water droplet. Knowing that it would get “blasted” out of my system, I mentally placed the issue, “Financial troubles” into the droplet. Within half an hour after the Opening, I received two phone calls from people from my past. One an old co-worker who wanted to hire me to write a complex software package, and the other from an old employer who wanted me to come back and work for him. Within half an hour after the Opening. Amazing. I would not believe this if it hadn’t happened to me. I suspect others won’t believe it, the odds of it are just too astronomical.

Down on my luck, a failure as a self-published author, out of work, in debt and with no prospects for future income, yet I was living unconcerned as a Soul. Then, just when I “needed” a miracle to improve my life, multiple miracles occurred. I accepted the freelance software work and slowly rebuilt my finances.

Over the years this lesson would be repeated again and again and again: That the less there was of me—the trying, the resisting, the controlling, the obsessive me-me-me thoughts, …—the more there was of the miraculous.

Ask any spiritual seeker if they have become luckier as their spiritual faith has strengthened and overwhelmingly you’ll hear a resounding, “Yes!”

Live as a Soul—become less ego and more trans-human—and the miraculous will become the everyday.

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10 thoughts on “Something You May Not Know About Me…

  1. My spiritual background is totally different from yours, and your phraseology is not comfortable to me, but I agree with your conclusions absolutely!

    All my spiritual teachers have been drunks and drug addicts, my mentor (sponsor) had been in and out of many mental hospitals, none of them by choice until he figured out if he signed himself in, he could then sign himself out. It got him out of the cops hair so they were happy to let him go.

    I’ve never been drunk in my life and never used an illegal drug, but I owe my life and everything good in it from what I learned and did at AA and NA (Narcotic Anonymous) meetings. I’m a slow learner, I’ve been to thousands of them and learned that is where the saints actually live. This is a story I head at an NA meeting from a guy no one in their right mind would consider a guru or even a second look.

    And yet I think it fits perfectly with what you are teaching.

    He said that all his life he had a hole in his heart and he had tried to fill it with everything he possibly could. He had tried every kind of pleasure and nearly every kind of depravity and nothing helped–the hole remained. Then he came to NA and worked the Steps and the hole was healed and the desire and need for drugs removed. He asked his higher power to explain it to him and he saw a vision.

    The hole in his heart was actually the end of a conduit that ran from the top of his head, through his heart and out his belly. The Mystery had placed it there and designed it so that the compassion of the universe could be funneled through it and out of him to others. But early in life his fixation on himself had closed the pipe and kept the love and compassion locked up, not allowing any more in or out. That created the hole he had tied so desperately to fill.

    Through the Steps he had found a proper relationship with himself, a higher power and others. The compassion began to flow again and the more it flowed the fuller the hole got. Ultimately it was no longer a hole at all, but a beautiful oasis that fed and refreshed him and others.

    The less there was of him, the more their could be compassion. All he had to do was get out of the way and let it flow.

    • “All he had to do was get out of the way and let it flow.”

      Couldn’t have said it better. There’s a Greater Intelligence (whatever name we choose to give It/Her/Him) that all of us are capable of hearing and sharing… if only we the me-me-me-thing can get out of the way.

      Great story Bob. Thanks for sharing.

  2. @ Wayne: You will be unveiling a jewel when the “book” comes off the press. Thank you for these glimpses. 🙂

    @ Bob: Your story really resonates, and you told it so beautifully. Thank you! 🙂

    Yesterday, I stumbled across a very profound tale of synchronicity on YouTube as told by Dean Radin. Extraordinary and certainly worth a Google.

  3. Siddhis have occurred and yet I find that I usually have only a passing bemusement with them. In addition to synchronicity, coincidence which defies any logical explanation, there is vision at a distance and a relationship to weather which is almost inexplicable. Vision at a distance occurs when I am in a very relaxed state and a portal just pops open in my mind and I can suddenly see great distances as if I was in some kind of jet flying at 20,000 feet and able to stretch out instantly thousands of miles. As for the weather, I have experienced really strange events where I have imagined weather phenomena and then experienced it shortly thereafter. It seems somehow related to unicity, with some perception of a bidirectional causal relationship. When I contemplate these events they seem strange, even miraculous but I find that I have little more than passing interest. If you are curious, I blogged one example of my weird relationship to weather:

    • Yes, the siddhis are tricky. As you can see in my example above, I “owned” the God Wells for awhile (sold them for a couple of months), and only later saw the error of my ways. Sounds like you have a good handle on yours Mark.

      Ultimately what’s important about the siddhis is their consistency and their implications (meaning of their consistency and the meaning of how they can even occur).

  4. In all the years I’ve been following your journey this post has had the most profound effect, like lightning striking between my eyes. The paranormal abilities began a few years ago, and over time became entrancing. This past summer I went into Northern California, into the Giant Sequoia National Preserve, and events became so out of hand I had to leave. But when I returned home to Southern California there was a hole through my entire existence. Instead of constant magic it would manifest now and then, and I thought “this is Kansas, I want to be back in Oz”. Sometimes I would gauge the power of the day by how many coins would appear on the ground in front of me. Yesterday was not a wonderful day but I kept smiling, letting HER whisper guide my heart. Today I awoke to this post of yours, and it has given me a deep direction to meditate upon. Thank you dearly. I went for a walk and a shiny new penny appeared, magic is ALWAYS just a moment away…

  5. As the waves of the miraculous increase, the adept intuitively understands that his acquisitions are being tested. He remembers that God is “no respecter of persons”. Just a thought from out of the wonderous ether 🙂

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