Strengthening and Nurturing the Mystic Aspect

Morning Outside a College Town Coffee Shop

Morning Outside a College Town Coffee Shop


April 7, 2016 3:04 PM

I have a number of subgoals set up for the book: Outline; Introduction; Soul Chapter; Mystic Chapter; Clean Up; Book Proposal; Send to Publishers/Agents; (Write the rest of the book)…

Today I finished the first draft of the Mystic chapter. This is a turning point in the whole book process: The shift from raw writing to cleaning up and prepping. From here, it’s about getting the manuscript ready for submission to publishers and/or literary agents.

Below is the first draft of the final section of the Mystic Aspect. Standard first-draft disclaimer…

Strengthening and Nurturing the Mystic Aspect

Some advice on strengthening and nurturing the Mystic Aspect…

Keep a Miracle Log. Even the most veteran Mystic may occasionally have a lapse of faith, doubting if TaoGod is real. What’s a Mystic to do?

January 22, 2012, My Miracle Log:

How do mystics maintain such a profound faith in Her/God?

Me? I keep a log.

Along with these blog posts categorized as Synchronicity and Evidence, I also keep a simple text file on my computer. When a magical, mysterious or odds-defying event happens in my life, I just type a quick note about it.

Though I only started logging these a year and a half ago, I already I have a multi-page document filled with little miracles.

When I’m feeling particularly distant from Her—caught up in my mind and taking thoughts way too seriously—I just pull up the file, read through it, and in no time, I’m less and She’s more.

Doubts vanish.

And my faith is restored.

Not only is your Miracle Log useful in times of doubts, but—since what you focus on, you become—it acts as an excellent tool for strengthening the Mystic Aspect. For years, every morning, I would pull up random passages from my Miracle Log and relive those magical moments. This simple habit can shift your attention from your personal me-me-me thoughts to your Beloved—from less you to more Her.

January 28, 2012, Re-Conditioning My Mind:

Every day I re-read my miracle log.

And nearly everyday something magical happens, so I add to it.

My conditioned mind, out of habit, resists Her.

But the evidence in the log is overwhelming.

I want to live true. I want to live and act as if She were real.

Consciously I know She is—but my actions don’t always reflect that.

My subconscious resists.

So every day I read my log of miracles.

And every day the resistance weakens.

Use your Miracle log to record the siddhis—the synchronicities, the intuitions, the signs, the whispers. Siddhi events are easy to forget, so learn to use the voice recorder function on your phone to make recording these experiences easier. Then later, when you have time, transcribe your “little miracles” into your Miracle Log. You won’t regret this effort. The Mystic Aspect is a life changing Aspect and there is no easier way of nurturing this aspect than maintaining and reviewing your Miracle Log.

Inquiry into the implications of the siddhis. To strengthen your faith in TaoGod, you can’t just believe in Her—you have to have evidence. While your Miracle Log acts to record the evidence, if you don’t review it and inquire into what this evidence means, then it is all for naught. Ask yourself in as impartial terms as possible, “How are these ‘little miracles’ possible?” “Why are they increasing in quantity and quality?” “Why are they a common pattern found in advanced spiritual seekers?” “Am I the source of them (can I consciously make them happen) or is there some other intelligence involved?”

By inquiring deeply into these questions, your rational mind will come to its own conclusions. It will cease its doubts and your faith will grow all on its own. At first, when your Miracle Log is only filled with a couple entries, your mind will say things like, “Luck” or “Coincidence,” but soon, as your Miracle Log begins to fill and the siddhis increase to a point of regularity, then your mind will start to doubt its initial conclusions and come to see the obvious: Siddhis imply Divine Intervention. Siddhis imply God.

Don’t identify with the siddhis. Traditional nondual teachings discourage the siddhis, warning the student to ignore them if they arise. The fear—and it is a valid one—is that the student will come to identify with them. The student may start to think, “I can make it rain! I can read minds!” The student, if they identify with the siddhis, will become more… and the Divine will become less.

By “owning” the siddhis, we deny the true source of them, TaoGod. Likewise, by ignoring the siddhis (as the nondual traditions encourage), we also deny their true source, TaoGod. But by acknowledging the siddhis and understanding their implications, the Divine is recognized, experienced, and awakens in our life. We begin a relationship with the Divine and our life changes for the better. Our Heart—the source of unconditional Love—begins to open.

Play and experiment with surrender. “The less there is of you, the more there is of the Divine.” Don’t just believe these words! Don’t take my word for them! Don’t be a gullible Mystic, be a rational one. Find out the truth of this statement for yourself. Experiment. Play. Test.

Don’t test this theory (less you = more Her) on big decisions though. Keep it simple and playful. Don’t make it a serious endeavor. Hold it lightly. Play with it. Remember, manifestation for the Mystic is not hard manifestation (“I manifested this!”) but soft manifestation. The same “softness” is used in surrender. When you feel pulled to turn down a street, turn down the street—not with the expectation of something to happen, but as an experiment into seeing how it makes you feel. When you feel like talking to a stranger, just go up and say, “Hi! There’s something interesting about you that I can’t quite put my finger on,” and see where it goes. Play. Don’t take it seriously, and you’ll soon grow comfortable and confident in the “gift of surrender.”

Surrender and Flow. Once you grow comfortable with surrender, make it a part of your daily life. Don’t fight circumstances, don’t hold onto decisions tightly. Follow the signs, take the path of least resistance, monitor your inner guide and effortlessly flow. Adapt and shift and glide. Soon you will find, even as the very mind-based Jed McKenna found, that Her guidance is “not just constant and unerring, but magical.”

The more you follow Her whispers—the more you surrender your personal will—the more comfortable and confident you’ll become in the process. As your confidence and faith grows, so too does your relationship with Her. One morning, much to your surprise, you’ll wake up to find that there has becomes far less of you, and far more of Her.

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11 thoughts on “Strengthening and Nurturing the Mystic Aspect

  1. Wayne, you might want to speak with D. Patrick Miller at concerning your new book. He has helped a number of spiritual writers, a couple who have become well known.

  2. Moments in life I can only describe as perfect; Biking on a beautiful country road with my teenage grand kids, fishing with
    my dad, playing catch with my little brother to name a few. These moments contain an underlying sensation of Her divine presence.
    The trick is to be ever mindful of Her moment to moment. It is as if being mindful of Her raises your vibration level to the point
    of awareness of Her whereas in those perfect moments the proper vibratory level accompanies the experience.

  3. Hi Wayne, the miracle log is a brilliant idea, so i started one. I can recall that i have long forgotten the many, and numerous, instances that confirm syncronicity or divine intervention. The log will help me to remember. I get a thrill making entries and it does help to raise spirits.

    Thanks for the suggestion.

      • Hi Wayne, i just loved your recounting of the frog guru. What a magic moment where the divine touched you.

        I once, after a class on spirituality, tried sitting in one place (in the classroom) until i became enlightened. I lasted about twenty minutes i think, until hunger got the better of me. Many years have passed, decades in fact, and i dont really care that i’m not enlightened anymore. I like to feel God’s love on occassion and that seems to be enough for now. Perhaps in another life.

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