The Active Siddhi Exception

Looking Toward The Unknown

Looking Toward The Unknown


September 26, 2016 1:55 PM

Ha! The title sounds like a spy thriller. Unfortunately, I forgot a key group of siddhis in my last post: Energy work and transference. Kundalini, Reiki, Chakras, etc.

I am 95% certain that there is something to these. The reason my faith in them is so high—given my attraction toward the rational—is that I’ve had some personal experiences that simply aren’t easily written off.

  • Reiki: Years ago, at the end of a massage given to me by a friend (a professional masseuse), I thought she was done and was allowing me to relax (as she often did). Lying there with my eyes closed, I felt a very warm heat—almost like a radiant heater—on both sides of my head. I opened my eyes to find her, as she put it, “giving me Reiki.” Her hands were about six inches from the sides of my head and the heat was way too warm to be simple body heat (10x too warm).
  • God Wells: About two years before my awakening I experienced a powerful, but spontaneous energy movement during meditation which left me with what I would call a “God Well” (described here). The main thing which convinced me this wasn’t just my imagination was when I “opened” a God Well on my brother as a test (Jeff is the poster child for rational man). He felt the “ego hole” opening. Though I was just resting my palm on his upper chest, he said it felt like I was pressing my thumb into his body. Furthermore he felt a form of emotional energy work I was also trying out. Jeff’s not prone to self-deception. 100% of about a dozen people felt something similar when I “opened a Well” on them in person. Probably about 80% (of another dozen) experienced it over the phone.
  • Healing: I’ve got mixed results on this one, about 50/50 on others and about 80/20 on myself. On others it seems to last, but on myself it has always been temporary (symptoms usually vanish within a day, but often re-appear within a week or two).
  • Energy Transference: I’m sure there is a Sanskrit term for this, but I don’t know it off-hand. When I “do energy work” on someone, about 75% of the time the person is filled with spiritual insights that night. Often this results in trouble sleeping, but invariably they are grateful for it (when it works).

So, personally, I’ve seen some positive, though mixed, results.

I’m dubious about a lot of energy work though. Too many claims, with too little evidence. Most energy workers I know are full of ego, and the results of their work are largely hit or miss.

But I do think that some practitioners do have authentic, energy transference powers. I’ve seen it, I’ve felt it, and I’ve (to some extent) done it.

I’m practically certain there’s something going on here. If the healing siddhis are valid, there’s a lot of potential there. Most of them though (i.e.: my reiki, God Wells, energy transference experiences) aren’t particularly useful. They are more, “Oh, that’s cool. Now what?”

These are active siddhis, powers that one has conscious control of. Do they increase as you become less? Or are certain people just born with them? I dunno.

I just wish these siddhis were more verifiable (do X and Y will happen). Then we’d really have something to talk about. Until then, mostly all we have are a whole lot of beliefs, opinions, and mythology. There’s truth in there—there’s some sort of energy movement going on—but there’s a lot of abuse going on in the field too. Personally, if I were going to get any energy work done, I’d ask for a free demo first. It should be repeatable.

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4 thoughts on “The Active Siddhi Exception

  1. I would agree that siddhis should be something entirely practical (rational?).
    Like – you want to cross a river and there’s no boat around , so you just walk on water.
    Similarly, teleportation would be very practical : it would save tons of car fuel and make the air much cleaner.
    And if everyone could do it – then no big “me” thing…
    Why is this not possible – I don’t know, it even seems strange 🙂

  2. But they are verifiable. Do some googling. Energy work has, if I am not mistaken, beat the placebo effect in some studies. And interestingly, when healers go into that healing zone their body tunes to the earth’s frequency. Apparently this was measured. However, I haven’t made the time to really sit down with all the science to verify how well the studies were done etc, since there is quite a lot of material to sift through. If you want, I can try to find some time to compile it all, but shoot, I haven’t even read your newest book section yet.

    I have a lot of personal experience stuff with healing I could share… But I would be more interested to hear what you have to say about the science.

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