The Art of Spiritual Surrender

An Abstract in Pine

An Abstract in Pine


April 3, 2016 2:49 PM

I surrendered to Her whispers and fled the Great Nomadic Horde of the desert for the forests around Flagstaff: Robins and bluebirds and ravens and squirrels and pines and plenty of free camping and the oh so glorious solitude.

It’s too cold for the Horde—but it’s perfect for me.

Surrender is a misleading term for the spiritual seeker, yet I don’t know a better one. It’s misleading because surrender implies combat and loss and weakness and failure—yet spiritual surrender feels nothing like that:

Spiritual Surrender: a DESIRE for Divine GUIDANCE and a WILLINGNESS to FOLLOW it whenever it appears.

Isn’t that so much nicer? Who wouldn’t surrender when She leans in and whispers seductively into your ear?

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3 thoughts on “The Art of Spiritual Surrender

  1. Yes, surrender has a negative taste – for the ego. Surrender means, “thy will be done” and not mine (which lead to bad decisions/behaviour). And it is liberating….

  2. I love that definition, and yet here is the question it inspires:

    How do you separate the Divine from the dirt dished up from your own mind. A mind which, in its eternal quest to capture your attention, can create some pretty convincing and captivating thoughts. We could say that “Spiritual Surrender: a DESIRE for Divine GUIDANCE and a WILLINGNESS to FOLLOW it whenever it appears” is the WHAT of surrender. Ah, but the how of it… Or to say it another way, when “stuff” pops whole cloth into your mind, how can you know if it’s from Her or from one’s own mind?

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