The Futility Of Trying To Prove God

Deaf Ears

Deaf Ears


May 20, 2016 11:38 AM

Wayne:  We’ve decided to remain at our Willard Springs location for the next 10 or so days. You know you’re welcome to visit/stay with us.

Associating with atheists/agnostics might do for you what a whetstone does for a knife.

Not a very appealing prospect, huh? Drive 20 miles out of my way for a futile endeavor? To try to prove the Divine is real?

If God came down to earth as a woman—a woman who could part oceans with a simple wave of her hand, or heal the ill or raise the dead or walk on water—would she prove the existence of a Divine Intelligence?

Nope. Not at all.

The atheists would say things like, cgi or alien technology or government conspiracy.

The agnostics would say, “You know, those atheists have a point.”

The religious might believe, but I suspect a lot of them would have doubts because God took the form of a woman, and the bible says…. And of course, they’d also wonder about cgi and aliens and conspiracies.

That poor woman would be wasting her time. Probably get herself murdered in the process—Mystics having a very short life expectancy and all.

I believe in TaoGod because the definition of odds-defying coincidences is that they are odds-defying… and yet they happen to me day-in and day-out, multiple times a day. I write about them all the time.

The religious would say of me, “He’s just a man. He’s delusional. He’s lying.”

The atheists would say, “He’s seeing coincidences where there aren’t any.”

And the agnostics (of course) would say, “You know, those atheists have a point.”

You can’t prove the Divine to anyone. You can only get out of the way, and let Her reveal Herself to you.

The less there is of you, the more there is of Love and Happiness and Peace and Gratitude and Wonder and yes…

The less there is of you, the more there is of the Divine.

tried to deny God, but I couldn’t. Not because my mind didn’t say things like coincidence or delusion or luck or cgi or conspiracy or mental illness or any other “rational” phrase. Uh uh, my mind says shit like that all the time.

I couldn’t deny God because I couldn’t deny my own experiences.

You can’t know the Divine is real (you can believe or not believe, but you can’t know) until you consistently experience Her.

And you can’t consistently experience Her until you become less.

The LESS there is of you.

It’s not about proving the Divine, it’s about revealing Her.

And only you can do that.

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6 thoughts on “The Futility Of Trying To Prove God

  1. Wayne,
    I hope you will stay on your path. Please do not let atheists and agnostics sway you . We know God does exist!

  2. “It’s not about proving the Divine, it’s about revealing Her.”


    I’ll be remembering that. revealing vs proving.


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