The Gift of Impermanence

The Impermanent Rock

The Impermanent Rock


January 28, 2016 4:38 PM

For the last week, I’ve been alternating my days between a day in the desert and a day in town—working on the book in the mornings, either in the van or in a coffeeshop, then taking the afternoons for myself. Now that I’m over the Writer’s Ennui I was experiencing with the Evidence of the Soul, the book is flowing along nicely.

Here’s something I wrote a few days ago, also for the chapter on Living as a Soul. I don’t expect any publisher will have a problem with me releasing these excerpts here, particularly since I’m writing them specifically for the book proposal, but who knows? One of the benefits of living as a Soul is you just don’t waste your time with doubts or concerns or second guessing yourself.

The Temporal Nature of the Human Tier

Stop reading for a moment. Take a look around you. Everything you are looking at right now will soon vanish from your memory. Every fact you know, every person you love, every thought and memory you’ve ever had… will vanish from your experience. All will be forgotten.

At first, this can be a terribly depressing thought, but there’s a silver lining—a deep and profound spiritual lesson that will change your entire attitude about your life.

What did you do on the 13th birthday of your last life? In many cultures, the 13th birthday is a very special day—often marking one’s entry into adulthood and lavishly celebrated by the family and community—and yet you’ve probably totally forgotten it. It was as if that day—even that entire life—didn’t exist at all. To you, right at this moment, that previous life is completely unimportant and inconsequential.

Since past lives imply future lives, everything in this life—all your memories, all your desires, everything you value—will be forgotten and deemed “unimportant and inconsequential” when you read this book during your next life. Your first car? Forgotten. Your spouse? Forgotten. Your hopes and dreams (and fears and worries)? Forgotten. Everything about this lifetime will be forgotten.

The Buddha taught that one of the primary causes of suffering is our inherent desire to hold on to that which we value. Simply put, we are attached to the things we love. Yet everything that we value—if it is a component of the Human Tier—is temporal by its very nature. It can’t be kept or owned or made ours.

Every fact you know, every person you love, every thought and memory you’ve ever had… will vanish from your experience. All will be forgotten.

To live as a Soul is to profoundly realize impermanence—to realize that you have forgotten practically everything from the dozen (hundreds, thousands) of past lives you’ve already lived. And yet, though you have forgotten everything about the thousands of people you dearly and deeply loved, this hasn’t bothered you in the least. Until this moment, you probably haven’t given that idea a second thought.

Once you take on your next incarnate life, everyone you currently know and love will—for all intensive purposes—vanish completely from your lived experience. Thankfully, practically all of the accounts from the Soul Realm—from the place we reside in between lives—suggest that you will remember and meet these loved ones again in the Soul Realm. Indeed, these accounts often state that we reincarnate with them (if we choose) so that we can help each other grow and accomplish our spiritual objectives, but—since we don’t realize or remember them in our incarnate lives—for all practical purposes, they have never existed before and our experience with them is once again new and unique.

Each life is like a blank slate. The composition of our “slate” is made of our current level of spiritual development—is made of our personality and our transcendent values—but all the details of all our past lives have been erased. We get to start afresh and new and as innocent (literally) as a newborn babe.

The lesson of the impermanence—the lesson of the Soul—is that you will forget all of this. You will forget being bullied as a child. You will forget your first kiss. You will forget the argument that drove your spouse away. You will forget your wedding…

You will forget this moment.

You will forget this moment. Knowing this, knowing the truth that this moment is impermanent—that practically everything is impermanent—leads to the silver lining that I spoke of above:

Every moment, every interaction, is a gift—a gift you will soon forget.

Every moment, every interaction with a friend or a lover or a vista in nature, can be felt—should be felt—as the fleeting moment that it is. Every moment of our lives can be seen as a gift from TaoGod Herself, as a little piece of Divine fruit to be savored and swallowed and enjoyed, as a form of spiritual nourishment.

From my February 26, 2015 (8:42am) entry of A Mystic’s Journal:

Reincarnation implies that our current (seemingly all-important) life will soon feel like a dream.

Just as we forgot our previous lives (even children who recall their former life forget it as they grow older), we’ll forget this life when we take on our next one.

Remembering that we’ll soon forget this “all-important” life, that it will soon feel no more real than a dream, takes all the pressure off it—takes all the seriousness out of it.

This life is no more important that a dream—a lucid dream. You can make it a dream of rote and routine, or one of growth and adventure.

We can survive or we can thrive. I choose the latter.

This moment is a gift. This life is a gift.

When the temporal nature of this life is fully grasped, we naturally feel grateful and happy and appreciative.

When we truly live as a Soul, we recognize this life is but a fleeting gift soon forgotten. Suddenly, the long wait in the grocery store line is an opportunity to cherish the air conditioning and the bright colors and the little conversations going on around you. Suddenly, being put on hold with customer service is an opportunity to appreciate and enjoy the beauty of the music playing in your ear. Suddenly your boss chewing you out for something that will soon be completely forgotten is an opportunity to notice the pain and anxiety and anger he is going through simply because he is taking this situation—this life—so seriously.

Suddenly Life isn’t something to struggle against in an effort to survive, but an opportunity to see and experience all that is Beautiful and Good and True.

Suddenly, Life becomes an opportunity to thrive.

Suddenly, Life—because we will soon forget it—becomes an opportunity to love wholeheartedly and deeply.

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  2. I have checked out your about me page and am working my way through the video. Thanks for responding. Needing all the guidence possible on this journey. Thanks a lot!

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