The I AM Trials

Day Use Only (Now)

Day Use Only (Now)


October 11, 2016 4:42 PM

I’m always amazed when I see the hand of TaoGod working behind the scenes.

A major quality of the I AM Aspect is to view life like a dream. To see how inconsequential events ultimately are. To recognize the fleetingness of them. To deeply understand that nothing, nothing, can ultimately affect you.

Just as I start to work on the I AM Aspect for the book, I get hit with the Kidney Stone.

Fight the pain—make it personal—or distance yourself from it?


Just when I thought I’d see the urologist, they pulled the bait and switch on me—”Oh, you can’t see the urologist today. Today we’re only setting up an appointment for you to see the urologist… a week from now.”

Fight the pain—make it personal—or accept it?


With three campsites marked on my map to explore—three campsites that should make it easier to extend my stay in Reno—all three of them were a wash. Forest roads closed. No solar. New “Day Use Only” rules.

Fight the pain—make it personal—or see it as ephemeral?


Trials are a part of the spiritual process. You can face them the way you always have and expect the results to change or… you can change.

“Life is like a dream.”

The smart have their theories.

Just as I was beginning to work on the I AM Aspect, She started providing the necessary materials—She started providing the Trials.

The wise have their scars.

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5 thoughts on “The I AM Trials

  1. Wayne
    Dave Carlson here, I am in so. lake Tahoe right now, Traveling in my mini van with my dog Sierra. I,m here for a family memorial, I drop my wife off in Reno Airport on sunday early afternoon, anychance I could meet up with you, lets have a Meal together if your available and feeling good, I would so like to see you. I was going to take my time, going south on HyWy 395, Pehaps you have passed this stone and all is right. Yes!!! She is friendly

    We met at the R.T.R. 2016,

    • Hi Dave. I remember you. The kidney stone is too large to pass on its own and they have me on this serious antibiotic that has some miserable side-effect (cure worse than the cause), so I’m going to have to pass on your offer. Maybe I’ll see you down the road this winter.

      • When the time is right / our paths will cross indeed.
        I hope its this Winter but we will go with Her Timing.
        I am definitely going to the RTR this January.
        Whole and compleate healing ahead.

  2. I’ve heard about your problem today.
    I was thinking: what am I going to tell him, to make his pain easier. He knows a lot more than me. He sees a lot more than me. He knows that I can’t imagine NOTHING. He’s been where I’m now and probably he will smile at my words.
    Nothing came to my mind, so I decided to make you smile and tell you this:
    I know pain. It is horrible. You see things blurred in it’s presence. It wants all your attention and most of the time has one. Pain can cut you off from your future and the past. All that is left is present. Unbearable present.
    However there is a one thing that follows the pain. Feeling of liberation.
    Maybe it means nothing. Maybe I haven’t learned my lesson and things still are sticking on me, but I know how beautiful it feels and I want you to feel that liberation whether you like it or not. 🙂
    Much love…

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