The Key To Kindness

The Great Don Quixote

The Great Don Quixote


December 23, 2016 3:50 PM

The key to kindness isn’t Love. Love is a requirement for kindness, but it’s not the key.

The key to kindness is to be proactive.

As I was leaving a Starbucks this morning, I heard a slurring voice—a voice with pain and suffering in it—off to my left asking someone for some spare change. As I glanced over, the couple acted like they didn’t hear the poor woman and hurried away.

I reached into my pocket and my hand grasped a few bills and I detoured over to her and handed them to her sight unseen. As she blessed me—as the happiness filled her eyes—I saw that most of her teeth were missing.

And I did feel blessed. Such a simple act.

Just then I heard a click, click, click and saw a guy futilely trying to start his car so I hopped in Serenity and gave him a jump and he was grateful and I felt blessed again.

And, still feeling good, as I pulled into another shopping plaza, I dug out my James Bond Collection (a box of DVD’s that I’d already burned to a hard disk) and I left it leaning against a light post for some lucky shopper to find.

And I liked the thought of some last-minute holiday shopper stumbling across the DVDs and wondering and looking and finally thinking that maybe, just maybe there is a God above, looking out for her, giving her this gift that her boyfriend might like.

And I felt good.

Then, after lunch, as I was filling a jerry can with fresh water at a vending machine, I found a few extra coins in my pocket and I placed them in the coin return slot of a nearby coke machine. If kids are still kids like I was a kid then they check those slots and I liked the idea of an excited little kid discovering some hidden treasure.

Everyday I try to perform an act of kindness. Even when I don’t see another soul for a week, I’ll try to pick up some garbage around camp or leave some food scraps for the birds and animals who always seem so hungry.

Why not? It feels so good. And it’s so simple.

But not a single act of kindness I did today was asked for.

Not one.

The key to kindness is to be proactive. You can’t wait to be kind—not if you want to be happy. You’ve got to take the initiative.

Now imagine if everyone made the following New Year’s Resolution:

I will perform an act of kindness every day this year.

Just imagine.

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9 thoughts on “The Key To Kindness

  1. “Don’t walk around the down and out
    Lend a helping hand instead of doubt
    And the kindness that you show every day
    Will help someone along their way”
    From the album “Try a little Kindness”
    1970, Glen Campbell.

  2. Hi Wayne,
    After I posted my last comment was thinking that I hoped you didn’t mind
    that I quoted that song. It just seemed to fit in so well with what you said.
    Happy Holidays and hope you are well.

  3. Reading about your kind acts put a smile on my face and brought gladness to my heart. And thank you for revealing that kindness is PROactive. I hadn’t made that distinction before, and it will help me be kinder now. I appreciate you 🙂

  4. Mental Note to self, initiate kindness at every opportunity and life will smile at you as it always does when a selfless act is performed.

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