The Melody Of My Muse

The Fly and the Flower

The Fly and the Flower


August 26, 2016 1:41 PM

I finished up the Trans-Human tier section of the book yesterday. The Soul, the Mystic and the Witness (plus the front matter). This puts me about a week ahead of schedule. I had considered taking a road-trip up into Washington state, but decided against it.

I want to get this book done, and I’m kinda on a roll. So I think I’ll head back down to the Columbia River area again tomorrow and keep on doing what I’m doing.

The changing of scenery between mountain and river is working out well. I’ve got about a dozen campsites I stay at between them, so it’s easy to mix things up when I want to. After a few days, I start to get a little antsy, so it’s easy to move without taking away from the writing.

I like flowing along like this… to the melody of my Muse.

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  1. You truly inspire me. I have just begun reading you’re books and blog. Learned about you on the you tube camping site. Thank you for sharing so much. Patti

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