The Moment

Sitting in the Van... Enjoying the Moment

Sitting in the Van… Enjoying the Moment


July 13, 2016 10:32 AM

Written a few moments ago. For the book. For the Witness.

For you.

The Moment

I sit in the doorway of my van, expand and find myself immersed in the Vastness. Boundaries vanish. All becomes One. All is both inside me and outside me.

“Me.” What am I when all separation is seen through? Every time I access the Witness, I feel this dissolution of “me” and I revel in the feeling. It feels like coming Home.

I don’t feel connected to Everything… I feel as if I am Everything. And Everything is me. Inside. And outside. At once.

All the noise of the me-me-me thoughts fall silent. I feel only this moment. I experience only this moment.

Appreciation. Appreciation for this gift. Appreciation for the Beauty seen in all things. Appreciation for just being here, seeing what is always here, yet usually hidden.

How wonderful! Why is this not seen constantly? It is here, always here, yet it takes a conscious decision to look for it. To find it. To see it.

Some never do.

As my hand lifts the coffee to my lips, it seems oddly “other.” Both the coffee cup and the hand are joined. I see them, yet I am them. And it is beautiful.

Harmony. Peace. How can one understand these words while living as other? The white pelican floats on the river. The breeze blows to the east and the current runs to the west, yet the pelican remains motionless. Harmony. Peace. Balance. It is so beautiful. Inside and outside concurrently. It is me and I am it. No connection. Just One.

The sun is bright in my eyes, yet this does not bother me. I am the sun and the bright and the eyes. The facial muscles contract in response. This is felt, but not personally. Just another movement, another event, another form of Life inside/outside of me.

The field of river stones in front of me. Such perfection! Perfection in the field, perfection in each stone. The green buoy on the river, the yellow flowers at my feet, the Canadian geese in the air, the sand, the dirt, the ants! God how beautiful! How intimate! Personal… yet not.

I am so happy.

Such beauty. Such bliss. Such happiness. Why don’t I come here more often—to this Moment without boundaries? I don’t know. When I’m not here it feels like an escape. When I am here it feels like reality. What strange creatures we are. What a strange creature I find myself in. What a strange creature I find inside of me.

Oneness. Inside, outside, personal and not. How do you describe it? How do you describe the Universe when seen through all the eyes within it?

Across the river, cars and trucks drive along the highway, their sounds—distant and soft—blending and merging with the sounds of the river and the gulls and the fan in my new refrigerator. There is a harmony to the sounds, a music, a perfection to them. Inside and outside of me as Life lives as the Whole.

Four gulls fly low along the river. Suddenly one arches up and drops to the rear of the formation. How beautiful this simple act is, this simple sight! This movement. The river and the gulls and the breeze. All me. All not-me. All inside. All outside. All at once.

To the left, the water falls over the dam. The sun illuminates the mist from behind.

The mist glows… and tears of joy roll down my cheeks.

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8 thoughts on “The Moment

  1. When immersed in the “moment”, mind naturally ceases and the witness takes it ALL in. Life is just as it is, and the grass grows by itself. Thanks for sharing your moment!

  2. Hi Wayne
    I have a question. Do you think it is possible to maintain this state-of-mind that you have found amidst groups of people? I live and work in a city. I find it very difficult to maintain my oneness or to keep my state-of-mind level in different types of city chaos . I am starting to think that it is just not possible because no matter how one tries to maintain oneness, there is always a situation that will suddenly have an impact that is different and invokes sudden boundaries or just plain freaks one out.

    • Hi Shelly. Welcome to the blog.

      To answer your question, no, I do not think the Witness can be maintained. We, whatever that is, shift constantly through the Aspects.

      I’ve heard people say that it can be maintained, but I’ve never seen any evidence of this, nor can I even imagine it as being possible. If there is no “I” there is no motivation, self-interest, self-preservation, …. The Witness is just one state/aspect of many possible (IMO).

      Thanks for the question.

  3. Thanks for the reply, So are you saying that if one wants to enjoy this peaceful state-of-mind and grow spiritually, then one has to move to a remote area where they are not being influenced by the actions/chaos of other people?
    I am contemplating doing this..not sure how to do it yet…but from what I see, someone would have to be super spiritual to maintain against all the chaos. Even going away for a week to a remote location does not work as when one comes back the gains get erased.

    • “to enjoy this peaceful state-of-mind” — once one wakes up, they can access the Witness “on demand,” so no, you don’t need seclusion.

      “grow spiritually” — seclusion definitely helps, but isn’t a requirement. Many people step through the Gateless Gate without leaving society, but it is definitely easier if you can get away from it all.

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