The Mystic (and the Republicans)

The Raven Stares Back

The Raven Stares Back


March 4, 2016 12:05 PM

While I’ve been camping in various spots in the forests around Williams, I’ve been spending my mornings in Cafe 326 working on the book. I like working in coffeeshops, it keeps me in touch with Modern Society (though after streaming last night’s republican debate and thinking, Are these guys supposed to represent the BEST of America?, I’m not sure I want to be a part of Modern Society).

Anyway, here’s the opening of the chapter on the Mystic. Standard first-draft disclaimer and all…

Note: In the book, I call TaoGodHer simply TaoGod—it’s not a typo.

The Mystic

Everything is shown up by being exposed to the Light, and whatever is exposed to the Light itself becomes Light.

— St. Paul

The awakening of the siddhis (paranormal powers)—and particularly the rapid increase in synchronistic events—presents irreconcilable problems for the Soul and the Witness.

For the Witness—no matter how much he wants to deny it—synchronicity inescapably implies the existence of a Divine Intelligence. Even though the Witness has transcended all boundaries and thus is “One with All,” he can’t access “the All.” He doesn’t know what everyone else is thinking. He doesn’t know what events are happening around the corner. Though the Witness feels boundless, this gap in his knowledge means that he is still limited… and this limitation plus the increase in synchronicity implies some Other Intelligence is operating behind the scenes. The Witness is limited, but this Other—as synchronistic events demonstrate—has unlimited knowledge and powers. Synchronicity implies a Divine Intelligence and the Witness recognizes he is not this Intelligence. One of the irreconcilable problems for the Witness is that synchronicity implies TaoGod.

For the Soul, the increase in synchronistic events also implies TaoGod, but the realization of this is far less of a shock to his system than it is for the Witness. The irreconcilable problems for both the Soul and the Witness are ones of relationship:

  • How do I get to know TaoGod?
  • What does She want of me?
  • How do I become one with Her?

In seeking the answers to these questions, the Soul and the Witness begin to form a relationship with the Divine. It is this—the spiritual seeker’s deliberate initiation and nurturing of a relationship with TaoGod—which sets the Mystic Aspect apart from all the other Aspects.

The Soul and the Witness mature mostly in isolation and through inquiry, but not so for the Mystic. The Mystic matures through relationship and love. For the Mystic, the Light inside him grows as his sense of isolation fades. The fully mature Mystic never feels alone—never experiences loneliness—because the Mystic is immersed in the Divine.

Whatever is exposed to the Light itself becomes Light.

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