The Reluctant Identitist

The Slow Fall

The Slow Fall


August 8, 2016 4:20 PM

If I absolutely had to define you, if I had to assign you an identity…

You are Intelligent Love currently manifested as a Self (individual, essential consciousness), which is currently manifested as a Soul (personal, eternal consciousness), which is currently manifested as a Human (mortal consciousness).

Intelligent Love: The Divine/Source undifferentiated.

Self: The essential, most basic layer of individual consciousness.

Soul: The personal, eternal consciousness. (In all accounts of reincarnation and near-death experiences, the subject’s personality remains stable and unaltered.)

Human: The physical manifestation of mortal consciousness.

But identities are so clunky and limiting. I think I’ll stick with you-whatever-that-is.

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8 thoughts on “The Reluctant Identitist

  1. It is such a coincidence. I was just finished reading “Many lives , many master by Dr. Brian Weiss.” an hour back. Was pondering about the eternal same source of love or awareness and connecting it to the soul, rebirth things explained in book. The book had also provided details but, you just clearly laid out the flow from eternal love to the human aspect in a structured way. It is quite clear to me now.

    • There’s the old onion metaphor of peeling away our layers to find the “absolute truth” of our selves. Using that metaphor, the Mortal, Soul and Self Aspects are just layers of the onion.

      What I don’t like about the metaphor is the dismissal of the onion as some lesser, “relative truth.” An onion is not an onion without the layers.

  2. When the mind is quiet we can talk into the chambers of other levels of manifestation. If I prepare a question and go to the state of an absolutely quiet mind, then ask the question – the answer is wholly unexpected and has the deep, clear ring of truth. Thanks Wayne. If you should wander into Portland, let me and my wife buy you dinner.

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