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Coffee and Art

Coffee and Art


February 24, 2016 1:24 PM

In my week here in Prescott, I’ve fallen into an easy, flowing routine: In the late afternoon, I find a camp for the night, bundle up in the evening, then in the morning, I head into town. I’ll find a coffeeshop to write in until lunch, grab a bite to eat, then either run errands or write some more. I then head back up into the hills to find a new camp (I’ve yet to camp in the same spot twice) and do it all over again.

Apparently I’m the only person here who doesn’t take his mind too seriously, because I seem to be the only person camping around here. It’s cold at night, but there’s no snow nor forecast of it. Though there is a seven-day camping limit, I’ve yet to see a ranger.

On the book, I’m already up to about 30,000 words and that is only the Introduction and Soul chapter. Before sending out the book proposal, I want to write and include the Mystic chapter, but before I do that, I’m tweaking the manuscript so the “pronoun tense” (we vs. you) is consistent throughout.

For a while I was favoring the we tense (“…our ego’s weaken dramatically…”), but in the end felt this put the focus more on theory than on actions/results, so I’m changing the text throughout to the you version (“…your ego weakens dramatically…”). This shift in focus fits with my, the smart have their theories, the wise have their scars message, but it’s easy to sound condescending or pompous so I have to watch it.

And I’m enjoying this routine. One of the measures of authenticity I use to evaluate my actions is to ask myself, If money weren’t an option, would I be doing anything differently?

Other than maybe going to ground in vacation rentals or some other seasonal dwelling, I’d still be doing what I’m doing now: Fleshing out and writing this book. Little else is important to me right now.

And I’m happy about that.

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