The Threshold

A Mysterious Building Alone In the Vast Desert

A Mysterious Building Alone In the Vast Desert


October 24, 2016 9:51 AM

I don’t like to give people something more to identify with, ergo the term, you-whatever-that-is, but sometimes it is useful. Particularly when you are trying to let go of everything you hold onto about your me-story.

The excerpt below is from the book-in-progress, a topic in the I AM chapter. This might be a little beyond many of you, but for a reader of the book, at this point in the narrative, they’ll understand what I’m talking about.

The Threshold

You, whatever you are, stand on a threshold. Behind you is Source—the mysterious Tao. Ahead of you lies all of manifest reality—the One Thing and the Many.

Through you—from the Unmanifest Source into the Manifest world—Life flows and forms. Through you it coalesces as your Self and Soul and Mortal.

Self, Soul, Mortal… you are none of these though. They are fleeting manifestations of the Tao moving through you. Through you as you stand on the Threshold between the two Realms.

The implications of quantum physic’s two-slit experiment (see the Soul Aspect)—that consciousness is required in order for matter to form—now make sense. As an opening between the two dimensions—realms—of the Unmanifest and the Manifest, you-as-an-opening act as a passageway for all that is physical to manifest out of the Unmanifest realm.

You, whatever that is, are required for the manifest world to form.

I may not know what you are, but I do know where you are. For as long as there is the Manifest, you will stand on the Threshold.

I may not know what you are, but I do know that you exist. I know that you are eternal and that everything arising in front of you is fleeting and temporary.

I may not know what you are, but I know that you are.

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8 thoughts on “The Threshold

    • Right back at you buddy. The I AM Aspect is a bit dry, but once we realize that this “flowing” of Life through us is really Love… well then She/God is experienced everywhere.


    • I knew you’d know what it was. I saw it way off in the distance, a lone dirt road leading out to it, so I just followed it. Saw a sign on the fence from the FAA warning people not to trespass because if the site lost power, lives could be lost, but it didn’t say what the thing did. Thinking back to your air-traffic controller days, I thought it boosted a signal for your tracking system, but a beacon makes a lot more sense. Thanks!

      (FYI: Jeff’s my brother.)

  1. Beautiful vibes everywhere (literally)! We are vibrational frequencies of energy coalesced into matter to experience itself…. from the “unmanifest” to the “manifest”.
    Of course we are using relative terms… since we just are. Before time, space, energy, thought… everything. There’s only this…..

  2. Hi Wayne,

    specifically; it’s the Peach Springs VORTAC; I’ve used and flown over it many times. I enjoy reading your word’s and following your experiences.


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