The Witness is only the Beginning

A Tree Near Ash Fork

A Tree Near Ash Fork


February 28, 2016 4:35 PM

Without the path of the Heart—without the Love—the Witness is a dead end.

The Witness says, “If I can see it, it can’t be me.” End of story (literally).

TaoGod(I) says, “If I can see it, it IS me.”

I have never been proficient with the Witness Aspect—with the Emptiness.

Why? Because I’ve never really liked the Witness.

Just like everyone else who is “enlightened,” I stepped through the Gateless Gate, separated from my thoughts and my past and my story and my Ego and was free.

But unlike most, I felt lost.

Yes, I saw through the Grand Illusion of the me-me-me-thing, but without a personal self, without a direction, without a purpose, without any attachment,… what was the point?

Life became dead and dry and meaningless.

Eventually, something magical happened:

  • Every time I would try, I would fail.
  • And every time I would surrender, I would succeed.

And the implications of this—of the synchronicities and the effortlessness and the surrender to what was—opened the doorway to the Heart.

And through that Opening (for I had always been cold and rational and logical and serious), the Divine Herself entered and moved through this humbled creature.

And since then… Always Love; Always Appreciation; Always Happiness. Always the magic and connection and the wondrous (just now a moth flew across my keyboard and landed on my shoulder as if to say, “I love you. I’m here.“) be-ing in harmony with my Beloved (Her, God Herself).

The less there was of me (even the Witness-me), the more there was of Her.

The less there was of me, the more there was of Love.

The less there was of me…

The more I was with my Beloved, my Lover… my reason for being here…

My reason for talking to you.

I honestly don’t think the world is ready for my message. Modern society is too caught up in winning and success and the facade.

Maybe the world isn’t ready for these insights…

But I hope you are.

I love you. She loves you.

How can we not?

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7 thoughts on “The Witness is only the Beginning

  1. Love this thank you for sharing, strongly relate to this experience, especially the recognition of dropping even the witness in order to more deeply surrender and be immersed in that Love never ending… Your insights have really struck a chord and have helped me accelerate and integrate recent experiences/realizations. thank you 🙂

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