Thoughts On The Siddhis

Birds in a Fountain

Birds in a Fountain


September 25, 2016 2:28 PM

A couple weeks ago I promised to share my thoughts on the siddhis—paranormal “powers” that grow stronger in practically everyone who becomes less.

On the fact that there is even a name for this phenomenon (from the book):

There is a term in sanskrit. I don’t like to use foreign terms but there is no English equivalent: Siddhis. Siddhis are paranormal events or powers that occur as a result of spiritual growth.

Think about that for a moment—the act of naming something. For advanced spiritual seekers, supernatural experiences are so common that they created a word to describe it. We don’t have a word for squirrels falling out of trees because it’s so rare we don’t need a word. This pattern though, became so common that the ancient Hindus needed to name it. Siddhis: Little miracles that occur around spiritually advanced people. The less there is of you, the more miracles occur. It’s a pattern. It’s well known and recognized.

Siddhis have appeared in my life since getting serious about spiritual growth (becoming less). Many only appeared after awakening. I’m too lazy to list individual links to all the examples, but they can be found scattered throughout the blog posts tagged under the topic Siddhis:

  • Duplex personality: Two intelligences functioning within this body. An individual intelligence (the me thing) and a subtler, quieter Divine intelligence (TaoGodHer).
  • Animal/Human magnetism: Animals oddly unconcerned about my presence or even attracted to me. Always when I am in Witness consciousness or higher (expanded, boundless). In a similar vein, people often give me an odd, push/pull double-take thing as if they were picking up on Her vibe/aura.
  • Subtle premonitions: Spontaneously acting (Divine guidance) which invariably leads to a positive outcome. I don’t always know how I’ll benefit (the “subtle” part), though sometimes I do. For example: When camped out in the woods, I often shower, pee, and poop outside. Never have I gotten “caught.” Just today, as I was finishing up, two vehicles drove by within seconds of dressing myself. I hadn’t seen any other vehicle (besides the mysterious pickup two days prior) this entire time. This isn’t limited to outdoor personal hygiene, I’m often “guided” in my day-to-day life, but this just happened a few hours ago so it was on my mind.
  • Cyclical insights: I “receive” profound insights on practically a monthly basis. They occur almost as regular as a mental menstrual cycle. I’ll be hit with “otherly” insights for a few days, then experience about a month of much needed “down time” (I find these insights to be mentally taxing, draining even).
  • Extreme good luck: Synchronicity. On-going and odds-defying. Practically everyday, multiple times a day. It’s become so consistent that I’ve come to expect this luck. I’m genuinely surprised when things don’t work out in my favor.
  • Reflection: Often I experience emotions and events that are being felt/experienced by people close to me (even though they are physically distant and out of contact). This has happened countless times with Michelle’s life being “reflected” in my own (and often vice-versa).

Siddhis are evidence of a Divine Intelligence (again from the book):

Less you, more siddhis. What does this mean? How are siddhis even possible? What are the implications of the siddhis?

Imagine a being who knew everything. They knew the past, the present and the future. They knew about distant events and near events. They knew what everyone was thinking and feeling.

Now imagine this being—on occasion—whispers some of this information in your ear.

Practically every siddhi listed above could be explained by that scenario… an all-knowing being sharing information with you. I say practically because synchronicity and reflection—life lining up and mirrored events—require an additional ability. They require manipulation. They require an all-powerful being.

In other words, to explain the siddhis, we need an all-knowing, all-powerful intelligence.

The siddhis—a common occurrence with spiritual seekers—imply the reality of a Divine Being. The siddhis imply TaoGod.

My siddhis are passive. Notice how all of my siddhis are passive traits. I don’t do them, nor do I have control of them. They just happen.

I don’t believe in active siddhis. I have seen no serious research made into the authenticity of active siddhis. The closest I’ve seen was a guru who claimed to never eat or drink and was observed for a few weeks, but (as I recall) it wasn’t a very professionally controlled environment.

Many people do believe in active siddhis, but they were almost always performed by dead people (Moses parting the Red Sea, Christ walking on water, Muhammad splitting the moon, lotus flowers blooming wherever baby Buddha stepped, …). Believe away if that floats your boat, but I’m all about evidence. So until someone can reliable demonstrate these things, I’ll leave them to the fundamentalists. To believers. I may be a mystic, but I’m a rational mystic.

Passive siddhis support my message: Less you, more Divine. Active siddhis (levitation, ash falling from your hand, teleportation, …) in my opinion, seem to cross the line. They are me-centric (“I can shrink to the size of an atom!” (seriously, some people believe when you are enlightened, you can do that)). That’s too much like me, me, me to me. Not less me, but more me.

More me is completely contrary to the evidence above—evidence experienced by practically every spiritual seeker: More spiritual = less you = more siddhis.

The less there is of you, the more there is of the Divine.

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11 thoughts on “Thoughts On The Siddhis

  1. Concerning (active) siddhis: some time ago I was doing the Transcendental meditation , and it has a “higher stage” : TM Sidhi program. I.e. after some medidation (being at a deep, near-transcendent level) you then start thinking mentally some sutras taken from Patanjali.
    The program even has a “yogic flying block” when people start “hopping” while mentally thinking some sutras . And it’s not a physical effort that makes the body hop (or very very subtly physical).
    It was a good practice and really brought some great experiences (also in life) , though something didn’t work out to the end.
    What i want to say is – a lot of people are really practicing “siddhis” actively, and it’s in the West, not just India.
    But I don’t do it now. I felt i needed to do some other practice. It “wasn’t enough”.

  2. Yogic Flying of TM is ENTIRELY physical…You can see that when an advanced practitioner is doing those “yogic flying” hops , the amount of altitude reached in each hop successively decreases as the yogi jumps along the bed, floor..This shows the very, real and rational also being having a rational bent of mind (am also in computer science), had to wade through several thousand hours of complete hogwash to determine Spiritual Truths

  3. Hi Wayne,

    Yes, i have a regular occurence of these kind of passive events. Some i’ve record in a ‘miracle log’, as you suggested.

    I often ask the ‘divine mother’ (got that term from Yogananda) for guidance and/or assistance to solve a problem. I try not to ask for the ego me. I always seem to get a happy resolution.

    These siddhi’s are indeed proof of a magical world which is permeated by a divine, benevolent intelligence. Wonderful, she is!

    Best Regards,

  4. In regards to your “extreme good luck.” I too experience this. And I will admit when things don’t work out in my favor, I am surprised just like you. However, I have come to realize that I cannot expect or take good luck for granted. In fact, this “siddhi” can be taken away from me at anytime. “She” (as you call “Her”) is not bound by any rules and is under no obligation to “play nice”, even if we have taken the spiritual path. Speaking from my own experience, I have come to see that She has created everything in this world, whether is appears to be favorable or unfavorable. She has created unfavorable conditions for me in the past, so what is to stop Her from creating them again? She is not bound by anything. In fact, I don’t even exist in the way I thought I did. I am entirely Her creation and She controls me like a puppet. Therefore, She always has and can do to “me” whatever She sees fit. There was never a question of me surrendering to Her because She has been controlling “me” this entire time. This realization has been very sobering. Just my two cents from my own experience.

    • Well if everything always worked out, we wouldn’t learn too much (the wise have their scars). But, if your experiences are anything like mine, when things don’t work out—when I get hurt—I always grow. I always benefit somehow. Things always turn out for the better (in my experience).

      • Well I recently made this realization…that She is and always has been in control of everything and is not bound by anything. Since then I have braced for the worst, and it has yet to come…still this realization terrifies me.

  5. Wayne, my own experience has been Siddhis are real as well as controllable (at will) when mastered, and that no, not everyone acquires them on the spiritual path or when they arrive at self-realization.

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