Toward a Heart and Mind in Harmony

A Newer, Lusher Camp

A Newer, Lusher Camp


February 11, 2016 3:49 PM

I knew it was time to leave, but I didn’t know where to go.

No place was calling me.

My Mind and my Heart argued: Go to ground and write! Explore! Go to the coast (too crowded!) Go to the forest (too cold!) Get the book done and be free of it!….

Self-awareness is only seconds old when compared to the history of sentient life.

And because self-awareness is so young (Mind), we haven’t had much of a chance to rein in our Mind and thoughts. In other words, because our self-awareness “makes us” human, we listen to our Minds far more than we listen to our Hearts.

One of the lessons of the third stone—of the two stones as one—is to try to balance our Heart’s whispers with our Mind’s shouts.

Normally, because the Mind is what makes us human, we take our thoughts so much more seriously than our Heart’s whispers—but our Heart is where our love and our life come from.

So today I tried to switch things up a bit, to visualize my Mind as an adviser—as one who provides wisdom and guidance—but to visualize my Heart as the ruler, with his passion for life and his desire for authenticity.

I hope this makes decisions easier—something I’ve struggled with (and refined) ever since awakening. Maybe it will help bring the Heart and the Mind into a more harmonious relationship. We’ll see.

Today, it led me to a much nicer camp… and a place to write for the weekend.

PS: Sorry the Powerball numbers didn’t hit. I’m going to continue to play them until this jackpot is won—hopefully by one of us (wouldn’t that just be so cool?).

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2 thoughts on “Toward a Heart and Mind in Harmony

  1. @Wayne: For fun, I translated your numbers in ASCII code. In plain english, it reads:
    “Stop at sign – A switch on …” [missing the last number]
    Don’t ask me why but, strangely enough, it kind of makes sense!

  2. Hi Wayne,

    Thanks for your views on harmony. Many of us are so caught up in running through the obstacle course of daily living that we miss the quiet harmony all around us where the divine makes its presence available to us. I hope you continue to enjoy your desert serenity.


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