Waiting and Writing

A Pacific Northwest Day in a Nevada Coffeeshop

A Pacific Northwest Day in a Nevada Coffeeshop


October 16, 2016 5:45 PM

The pain from the kidney stone comes and goes—maybe as it hops in and out of the ureter, I don’t know—but it is mostly pain-free. Still, I’ve been reining in my roaming spirit to stay within an hour of the hospital—just in case it lodges itself back in there.

The side-effects from the meds they have me on are the worst of it, but I think my body’s just about adapted to them because those are diminishing.

I’m scheduled to see the urologist tomorrow morning. We’ll see what the options are. I hope they can just sonic blast it—that didn’t work last time I went through this, but this stone is smaller (I think). Honestly, I haven’t been thinking about it much. What’s to do? This body is just a body. My situation is just a situation. It is what it is.

Just this. Just this. Just this.

So I’ve been stealth camping around town at night and working on the book during the day. A side-benefit to all this “down time” is that I’ve finished the first-draft of the I AM Aspect.

So rather than the kidney stone putting me behind on the book like I thought it would, it’s actually put me a little ahead.

Funny how things work out.

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8 thoughts on “Waiting and Writing

  1. wish you a fast treatment and recovery…yeah the body is just a body but it feels better when it is free of illness.
    I wonder if any mystic ever felt not physical pain/ It sucks and most of all in my case it disturbs my peace and non attachment state I enjoy so much.
    I am going to the dentist asap for a broken tooth. No fun but as you say…just this, just this….it is all it is…always.
    love and peace

    • “I wonder if any mystic ever felt no physical pain.”

      As long as you have a body, you’re going to have pain. The key, of course, is whether you identify with the pain, if you take it personally, but you know all that.

      Good luck with your tooth. Be well.

  2. I heard a researcher interviewed on the radio recently who told of people passing kidney stones after riding rollercoasters. It was amusing for sure but he was totally serious. Just another option for you, perhaps ?
    Go gently, Wayne.

  3. I have suffered from the same problem. It is a very painfull but not a very serious problem. If it is small enough with the medics it will finaly come out in your urine. You will actualy feel it pass as a slight flutter. The pain come each time it moves.
    Lots of sympathy

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