What You Focus On, You Become

The Mysteriously Missing Self

The Mysteriously Missing Self


April 10, 2016 10:42 AM

When I’m writing a blog post, the “me” disappears and I become the Post.

When I write computer code, the “me” disappears and I become the Code.

When I watch the horrors on the news, the “me” disappears and I become the Horror.

I suspect the same goes for yourself.

What we focus on, we become.

On the Path of the Mind—the path of cold logic—you could say that you are AWARE of what you focus on.

On the Path of the Heart—the path of felt experience—you could say that you ARE what you focus on.

Both paths are true—both are equally accurate—but ask yourself, “Which is more important to me? What I understand or what I experience?”

When it comes down to living in the “real world,” what I experience—what I have become in that moment—is far more important to me.

become the Post. I become the Code. I become the Horror.

When you focus on something, the me-me-me “you” disappears and you become the experience. You don’t stand apart and feel or observe the experience—”you” disappear and the Experience becomes the Everything.

You can only see this in hindsight, not while you are the Experience. If during the experience you stand back and notice you’re getting caught up in it, you’ve already detached from it and become the observer again.

In the same way that the healthy Ego is a dynamic process—speaking different “languages” as the situation calls for—this mysterious “you” is also a dynamic process… not a fixed thing.

What you focus on, you become, but you can’t remain focused on one thing 24/7.

Just like you can’t “speak” Spiritual 24/7 (nor should you want to: remember your audience), you can’t remain focused on spiritual theory or a single Aspect 24/7. As you go about living Life, your focus will naturally shift and you will “shift into” whatever you focus on.

Bonus Material: By recognizing “What you focus on, you become,” you can learn to consciously and thoughtfully direct your focus on desired experiences. Want to be happier? Then focus on what is Good and True and Beautiful. Want to be miserable? Then focus on the Miserable.

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6 thoughts on “What You Focus On, You Become

    • I think it’s a good question: Yes… IF you’ve already had a satori experience. Because Emptiness (enlightenment) isn’t something you can imagine, you couldn’t do this if you have not had at least a glimpse of Emptiness, but if you have, I think focusing on that memory could bring you much closer to Emptiness.

    • For example, while I’m not always IN Emptiness, I simply shift my focus to Emptiness is and I become Emptiness. Obviously this wasn’t always the case, and couldn’t have happened without first experiencing Emptiness.

  1. Once again thank you Wayne, It is so strange how when we focus on a question, thats to say looking for an answer spirituel to a difficult life experience, the answer manifests.
    I would also like say a word about Michelle’s commentary. Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharashi would reply ” It is the body that is sick, the body is already a sickness. You are not the body, let the body get on with what it has to do”.

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