When She Speaks Through You

Where I'll Be Standing In A Few Seconds

Where I’ll Be Standing In A Few Seconds


March 21, 2016 2:50 PM

A couple days ago, I was sitting around with a group of nomads (Randy and others) when a woman described a recurring dream she often had and asked me to interpret it.

I said, “Unfortunately, I’m no expert in dream interpretation…” and then TaoGodHer, much to my surprise, went ahead and interpreted the dream anyway.

None of the five people present seemed to notice the difference in my attitude or demeanor—none of them seemed to realize that She was doing the talking and not me—but apparently Her interpretation was spot on because the woman who asked about the dream thanked me twice… happily and profusely.

First draft from the book on this very subject…

The Spontaneous Messenger

For the newbie Mystic, one of the most surprising experiences of Cosmic Consciousness is when the Divine suddenly speaks through him. The first time it happens, it feels as if some divine insight popped into his mind and shot out of his mouth before he had the chance to stop it. Initially, the Mystic may feel surprised and self-conscious—surprised by the insight and embarrassed by his abrupt actions—but when he sees how positively the wisdom is received, the Mystic is usually both humbled and grateful.

Eventually, the Mystic grows comfortable with being TaoGod’s occasional messenger. The surprise and embarrassment fades, but the gratitude never does:

From April 7, 2014, He Was A Sad Man:

As I got out of the water, I saw him above me, sitting on a rock, taking in the view. His teenage daughter was in the car further back, making use of the mysterious cell signal here, texting away, oblivious to the beauty.

His sadness was palpable, but I smiled and said hello and commented on how peaceful it was here. He said he didn’t know this place existed, that he had just made a wrong turn on a mountain road on his way back from Yosemite.

He was silent for a moment and then told me he had just put his father in hospice.

I let go of the self-contraction and released the noise in my mind and opened and She told him that death is often preferable to the suffering that modern medicine puts us through. That regardless of your spiritual beliefs, we either blink out into nothingness or our experience only gets better. That either option was better than suffering.

“What about Hell?” he asked.

I/She/We pointed to the beauty all around and She said, “If you believe in hell, then you must believe in the Divine. This,” pointing to the forest and the lake and the sky, “is the makings of the Divine. The only hell I’ve ever seen, the only hell I’ve ever known, were of the man-made kind. Look around you. This is the work of God. The Divine didn’t make hell. Man did.”

He looked out over the lake and was silent for a time. In a moment, I saw the darkness lift from his being and his body relax and he looked over at me and smiled and said he thought maybe he’d go for a swim.

At this point in my spiritual development, I had already learned how to convey Her words by getting out of the way (I let go of the self-contraction and released the noise in my mind and opened). From my perspective it was as if I were in the background, watching Her using my body: speaking, pointing at the trees, pausing in silence and stillness, …. Unlike channelling or possession, there’s nothing “spooky” about this experience, indeed most people never notice anything different in my demeanor or attitude. While I am in complete control and can “step back in” at anytime, the feeling is so beautiful and magical that I have never wanted to.

Explain this is not limited to me, but is a common pattern, most often seen when advanced spiritual teachers give Q&A sessions at the end of satsangs.

The way most people communicate goes something like this: An idea forms in their mind, they wait for their turn to speak, and then they verbalize the idea.

  • Idea
  • Opportunity
  • Verbalize

99% of the time, this same process occurs with the Mystic, but when the Divine does implore the Mystic to relay Her words, it goes more like this:

  • Opportunity + spontaneous Divine Insight
  • Verbalize

When TaoGod speaks through the Mystic, there is no forethought of what to say, nor waiting for the opportunity to speak. The Divine speaks when there is a pause in the conversation and the Mystic—for the most part—just gets out of the way.

I clarified the previous sentence (“for the most part“) because the experience is so rarely as cut and dried as I am struggling to describe. Sometimes, as in the example above, there is practically no separation between the Divine and the Mystic. Other times, the separation is far more apparent…

April 20, 2014, A Man On The Fence:

He had stopped by the dam three times that day, admiring the lake, but noticeably curious about the man sitting in an easy chair in a van. Finally, as daylight faded, he set up his tent and came over and introduced himself.

When I said that my name was also Wayne, he did that odd push-pull thing (when their Soul draws them in but their mind pushes them away) as if the coincidence of our names confirmed something in him for which his mind wasn’t ready to admit.

I too was in conflict.

He was telling me how he had been down the road a ways, shooting his gun, taking target practice. My mind told me I could be of no use to him—that he was not a spiritual seeker, that he was simply out camping and enjoying himself. But She urged me on and I said, “This is a good place to meditate. It’s quiet and peaceful here.”

His shock was apparent as the resistance of his mind collapsed and he said that meditation was exactly what he needed, that he was trying to be a Buddhist and he went to his car and handed me a small book of sayings. He said he worked at his parents Chinese restaurant and needed some time to de-stress and to quiet his busy mind.

I nodded as much to Her as to his words and She/We/I said, I like sitting by the lake and looking out over it at the trees on the other side and visualizing the life force that moves inside them—knowing the force which gives life to those trees is the same force which gives life to me. Some call it Tao, some call it God, maybe a Buddhist would call it Source, but regardless, it’s there and it’s real and it is only our minds which stand in the way of recognizing it. It’s ironic that we have to separate ourselves from our thoughts in order to find unity with the All.

He went quiet then and gazed out at the trees across the lake.

He was a man on a fence. He wanted the Spiritual, but he clung to the Material. His quest for solitude, if only for a weekend, was a step in the right direction—a chance for him to sample the One without the noise of the other.

She had said what he needed to hear, so I wished him well and climbed in my van and drove up the winding road to a fallback camp I kept my eye on—a quiet place in the mountains with a view and with solitude and wildlife and woods.

In this example, the separation I felt from TaoGod was far more distinct than the first example. Indeed, She was imploring me to talk about “meditation” while I was thinking, “This is the guy who’s been shattering the tranquility around here all afternoon with his damn target shooting.”

Still, I relented to Her whispers, but the separation remained throughout the interaction (“ I nodded as much to Her as to his words,” “She had said what he needed to hear“). In this example, I was more of a conscious translator than a spontaneous messenger.

But for the ultimate in spontaneity—and this one profoundly affected me with its simplicity and purity—there was my chance encounter with a mother and daughter in a grocery store in the Pacific Northwest.

August 21, 2014, I Love You:

OAK HARBOR, WA—I didn’t really need supplies, but She sent me shopping anyway. As I navigated my cart up a row, between an elderly mother and her adult daughter, the daughter—hunched over—worriedly says into her phone, “I love you,” and out of my mouth pops, “Why, I love you too,” and the mother tilts her head and smiles both sadly and gratefully and I place my hand on the daughter’s shoulder as I pass by and I hear the daughter say to my turned back, “Thank-you. Oh god thank-you,” as I walked on.

Where I Was Standing A Few Seconds Ago.

Where I Was Standing A Few Seconds Ago.

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  1. I started a new healing practice recently that does this to me, I tend to get a download of guidance and insight for the patient. At times I’ve felt a bit silly about what I was pulled to verbalize, but said it anyhow, and usually it makes sense for them in ways I didn’t consciously understand.

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