When The Going Gets Tough

Red Sky in the Morning

Red Sky in the Morning


February 18, 2016 10:43 AM

When the going gets tough, the Mystic takes the hint and leaves town.

For the most part, my time outside Congress, AZ was productive: I finished the first draft of the Soul chapter, filed my taxes, and attempted to get some health coverage under the VA—but the VA idea didn’t work out at all.

With my tax form in hand—proving that I was poor enough (way below the poverty line) to qualify for VA healthcare—I tried to fill out the application online but the PDF form feature wasn’t working. So I drove into Phoenix yesterday to take care of it. The library I went to didn’t have a workstation for printing documents from either a laptop or USB stick. The friendly librarian offered to print it herself, but her computer couldn’t see my USB stick. I went to the nearby Office Max and though their printers could see the USB stick, they couldn’t access it.

So I drove a few blocks down the street to the local VA clinic to fill out the forms in person, but there was a huge line inside.

How odd. Nothing about this project was working as expected.

So I hopped back in the van, picked up some supplies and returned to the Congress area to camp. Then, this morning, an unexpected storm appeared on the horizon and realizing there would be deep mud if it did rain, I left before the possibility could arise.

My Mind said it was too early in the season to head north and up in elevation, but my Heart said it’s time to see some trees, so I listened to my Heart and headed northward in direction and upward in elevation and now find myself in the cool little, mountain-ish, college town of Prescott.

Everything my Mind tells me, says this is a bad idea: Limited dispersed camping options, 7-day camping limits, unknown connectivity, snow patches still on the north facing slopes, …, but my Heart says I like the area so I’ll stay for a day or ten.

The Mind loves to play it safe, but the Heart loves to live.

Much like living as a Soul frees you from many fears, to live from the Heart is to live for the love of Life itself.

I’m not saying we should live foolhardily.

No, don’t be foolhardy…

But when you live from the Heart… you live carefree.

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7 thoughts on “When The Going Gets Tough

  1. Wayne, you would love Costa Rica and it’s Pura Vida lifestyle! The US has a way of introducing a lot of mind stress, central americans are way more relaxed and focus on enjoying life as it is in the moment… just like us! Have fun. 🙂

  2. There’s a lot of camping just north of Prescott. Take 89 north to Chino Valley which is a great supply town, then further north to Paulden and then you climb up into The Prescott NF, great camping all along there. The further north you go toward I-40 and Ash Fork the better the internet.

    I’m sure you know and that’s why you’re there, Prescott has outstanding VA care. A vet friend gets all his care there and says it’s among the best anywhere.

  3. Hi Wayne. For some of your recent months post, what I saw was that you have focussed too much on things being smooth and easy as an indicator to whether to proceed in that work direction or not. Can’t be grace a little challenging and not so happy sometimes? Adyashanti says so often. Doing some real work as you would have past experiences with always involves slight hustel bustle at start and middle. But ultimately results are fine. So how and why do you choose your decisions the current way, like titling an article when the going gets tough , only when there was a problem in photocopying. Actually I have also experienced such small but repeated hustles while pursuing some work, most of the times I work hard and final outcome is great. Only sometimes when I stopped at small troubles was a strong sense of intution of not going the right way. So was confused and curious here.

    • Well, there was more than just the photocopying, there was the online form that didn’t work and the consistency of not being able to print the forms. Keep in mind, things practically always flow quite effortlessly for me (The less there is of you, the more there is of Her).

      But, I’m not saying that one never needs to put in an effort. I’d never get the book written or have gotten the van or taken a photo if that was the case. What I use as an indicator to change direction is when things out of my control go consistently “wrong.” That is when I change direction. 🙂

      Hope this helps clarify things.

  4. Wayne, I’ve been listening to you since, oh maybe 2006. I did not realize til now (the VA stuff) and never thought to say thank you for your service. You are one of the coolest guys I know so keep up the good work. We are here with you and love you. Thank you again….tom

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