Why Doesn’t EVERYTHING Work Out For The Awakened?

One to Three to One

One to Three to One


July 9, 2016 9:14 AM


The less there is of you, the more there is of Good Luck

Then why doesn’t life always work out for the enlightened?

In the last post, I pointed out that enlightenment is when you lose your identity—when you no longer identify with anything. That’s a lot less than you were.

The common assumption is that when the identity is dropped, there is no longer a “you.” This assumption is further exacerbated by many nondual spiritual teachers saying silly things like, “There is no I.” I saw a video the other day of a woman saying just that—indeed, they were the first words out of her mouth, “There is no I.”

(In all fairness, after I first woke up, I believed this assumption too. This dream though, suggested my subconscious knew better.)

“There is no I.” If that were true, if you believed that, then you would have no problem with anyone sleeping with you. Anyone who wanted to have sex with your body, you’d say, “Okay.” With no I there can be no self-concern or self-interest. Your body would be no more important than a rock. You-with-no-I would just dispassionately watch while the act happens… like watching a bee land on a flower.

The Witness—enlightenment—does not play well with others. The Witness is wonderful for inner peace, but not so much for outer peace.

To play well with others, we need an I, what I call the Self Aspect. We may no longer have an identity, but we still have self-interest and self-concern and self-awareness. These traits are necessary to function in the manifest world.

Why doesn’t everything work out for the enlightened? Because if we are going to interact with people or plants or animals or stormy weather, then we need a Self.

It’s not no me, all Her.

It’s less me, more Her.

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9 thoughts on “Why Doesn’t EVERYTHING Work Out For The Awakened?

  1. But I do believe, and believe is the word I choose because I have not had the experience. When enlightenement is fulfiled the “soul” or the “spirit” becomes immersed in the “whole”, it leaves the physical body. The body is then an empty vessel that continues it’s journey without the ego in command. This of course is reserved to the holy man, but perhaps this can be a temporary experience for some.

    • Thanks Lynn. It’s good to see you recognize beliefs as opposed to knowledge (so many don’t see this distinction). I always try to point out when I’m talking about a belief (versus first-hand experience) in my posts and writings as I never want to lead anyone astray. If I don’t say, “This is a belief” or “This is a theory” then what I’m writing about is based on experience.

  2. I was entertaining a thought yesterday that was on the exact topic. How can I get on with things without an “I”?(this has been something I’ve circled back to over the last year). Anyway last night I figured it would take balance but as I looked at “I” and the Divine no sight of balance came to mind.

    I think you’ve put this to rest –
    “To play well with others, we need an I, what I call the Self Aspect. We may no longer have an identity, but we still have self-interest and self-concern and self-awareness. These traits are necessary to function in the manifest world.”

    or almost to rest. I will have to sit on this for a little.

    Thank you and well put.
    Peace 😀

    • Francis Bennett recently tried to get spiritual teachers to climb down from their “pedestals” and show the world they were human. I asked him how it went. He said it didn’t go anywhere. If only there was less specialness and more humanness in today’s “awakened” teachers this would be a non-issue. Sadly, that’s not the case.

  3. It is a shame that teachers aren’t more human, less special. I think It would help everyone and their journey.

    He’s a thought. Do the teacher mean to be on the pedestal or is it something the people have put them on?

  4. Everything works out the way it is supposed to for everyone. The “enlightened” don’t exist as some separate class of people some being enlightened and others not. Your ego might not like the way things are going but enlightenment is simply recognizing the truth that this present moment is absolute perfection itself. When you really get that any desire for things to be different goes away.

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