Why I’m Coming Back

A Vehicle For Participating In Life

A Vehicle For Participating In Life


July 16, 2016 10:12 AM

I’m not getting much done on the book. I’m not at peace. There’s too much pain being shared in the world right now… and I’m feeling it. Without peace, the book feels forced. So I’m not working on it.

I’ve heard a hundred times—thousands maybe—that the enlightened don’t need to reincarnate, that they only come back to help others (the Bodhisattva Vow).

That’s BS pure and simple. Not the Vow—the Vow is wonderful, even natural. The BS is the “I’m enlightened, I’m at peace with everything” thing.

They just made that up.

That or their definition of “enlightenment” means Dead.

Life—to live—isn’t so simple.

know I’m coming back because I haven’t made peace with the following (not a complete list):

  • I’m not at peace with terrorism. I don’t know how to be at peace with it yet.
  • I’m not at peace with media manipulation. I don’t like that large media corporations manipulate politics and fear. That people are being killed because of this manipulation.
  • I’m not at peace with corporate manipulation. Advertisements specifically designed to psychologically (and unconsciously) influence our desires and actions.
  • I’m not at peace with the compassion overload I feel with news/social media stories. I feel the pain of others. The connected world—with its focus on pain—amplifies my pain.
  • I’m not at peace with “not here.” When I don’t see the planet Jupiter, it doesn’t exist for me. That’s not a decision, it’s an experience. My problem comes with the news and social media and their focus on drama and pain. Turning it off so it doesn’t exist (for me) isn’t a compassionate answer. I haven’t resolved this. I’m not at peace with it.
  • I’m not a peace with eating. To me, killing a plant is the same as killing an animal. As Ken Wilber(?) once said, “Cows just scream louder.” I haven’t resolved this either.
  • I’m not at peace with war.
  • I’m not at peace with road rage.
  • I’m not at peace with rape.
  • I’m not at peace with abuse.

Keep in mind, I don’t focus on this stuff all the time—and never at the same time. But what we focus on, we become and the world has been filled with a lot of pain lately, and I’ve been focused on that.

My definition of enlightenment is when you see through and drop your identity. That’s the Witness Aspect. But it is only one Aspect of nine. The Witness has no problem with any of the above because the Witness is the silent observer.

When I am in the Witness, I am at peace… but I’m only observing life. To live life, we must participate in life (the Self Aspect).

I’m coming back because I haven’t resolved the above issues. I haven’t made peace with them. I don’t know how to live in harmony with them.

I’m coming back because upon physical death—where I merge with TaoGodHer—even thinking or seeing any of these events will pull me apart from Her. Why? Because I still see something as “wrong” with them. I’m not at peace with them.

Coming back is not a big issue though. What’s another thousand lifetimes to the Infinite?

So I’ve got time.

And in that—in knowing I’m eternal and have all the time in the Universe…

I find peace.

I love you.

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35 thoughts on “Why I’m Coming Back

  1. Wayne,,Sorry to be so thick, but are you ‘coming back’ on a physical, spiritual or mental level? In other words,,,You are coming back from where TO where?: from _______to
    thanks(I’m thinking a bit of all the above, but appreciate you filling in the blanks.)

    • I was talking about reincarnation. I’m going to die, merge with Her, be torn apart from Her (because of the unresolved issues), and then come back to incarnate life to help resolve these issues.

    • Q: “How can you be so sure that this is how it is?”
      A: All the evidence suggests that reincarnation is real. Unity consciousness implies all is one (the “merging” with Her). The perceived world suggests all is separate (the manifestation of Her “pulled apart” into you, I, and everything else).

      Q: “Who is coming back?”
      M: Me-whatever-that-is. That which expands and contracts through the 9 Aspects of Being.

      Don’t you read my stuff? 🙂

  2. Wayne….as usual…YOU’VE got it right!!! I’m always annoyed with all those “enlightened ones” who are at peace all the time….as stated it is ALL BS! THANK you for so much honesty!!

  3. my understanding is that She IS EVERYTHING. That there is NOTHING that is not HER

    that we are here in different stages of learning that we ARE HER, and then learning to LIVE a life as HER, in what appears to be a separate consciousness.

    I am wondering how do I live my life knowing I AM Infinite Awareness that contains and creates ALL things, including the things I see as negative or hurting.

    I don’t know the answers, but I do know SHE will help me know. SHE’s pretty crazy that way.

  4. Look at it this way, you need to let everybody else have their chance to work out their karma. Assist those who ask for help. Like you said, “What’s a thousand lifetimes to the infinite?”

    Last night I watched the remake of the movie “The Day The Earth Stood Still”. The alien came as a representative of numerous worlds who didn’t want humanity to destroy the Earth. Their plan was to harvest many examples of life on Earth and then eradicate all things on the surface so that the planet would not be destroyed. The movie did have a logical flaw in the implementation of the eradication tool. Their method for doing it didn’t leave anything but dirt in its wake. It destroyed everything. So it made me wonder how their method of saving the Earth was better than what humans were doing, but I digress.

    The alien in charge witnessed that humans can change when faced with extraordinary situations. Thus he eventually changed his mind about destroying the surface of the planet.

    How many times have you read that it takes hitting rock bottom for someone to change? It takes such an incident for many people to let go and accept what is. Your story is one of those. Don’t forget it.

    I hope this helps. I’ve been thinking about this topic lately and what I’ve written above were the answers that came to me.

    • I agree Michael, it’s all temporary and we have the potential to get better. I’ll probably write a post about it, but the Bodhisattva Vow is perfectly natural: Bodhisattvas see everything as themselves. The conflict in the world is a conflict within themselves. So in order to bring peace to their selves, they must bring peace to the world. Ergo the Vow.

      Writing this post, and struggling with the dilemma of the issues, made me aware that I’m not missing something, that the Bodhisattvas have seen it all along. 🙂

  5. Why you want to re learn and start again. it will take birth to youth to start be again in the aware reigion. Check mail please – title is – “Hi Witness, Some experiments and tips for you 🙂 ”

    Hey all the comment guys , dont let him die ,if any body knows him, talk to him. What surety he will not have other things making him non peaceful in next life. He is just tense today. See from the way he is speaking.

  6. If any body knows where he is at present, in what condition, do please put here on blog.
    He doesnot himself doesnot know whether the issues will be better resolved or not in next life. This life, he has done so great, he has years left, would have got it, He says he has time , but from inside he is in hurry . to get to final ultimate truth with no issues. In that hurry he is looking to take rebirth.
    Stop him if possible , please please help. save him.

  7. Ok, When i read the blog, I did not feel so. But the comments and your replies made me feel so. Sorry I spammed in a bad way, little embarrassing.

  8. A lot of talk has come from this post. I’ve not got chance to read it all, as much as I would like to, there are things that must get done today.

    From what I understand when I’m not a peace with something the ego-identity holds and keeps close the emotional connection with whatever it is I am not at peace with. To be at peace with them would mean allowing the ego-identity to let go of these things. This bring this question to the table.

    How do you be at peace with the list you wrote and not come across as a complete uncaring dick?

    When letting ego-identity let go of something does it mean you do not feel? I think when something is let go the witness still feels.

    As you said
    “I’m coming back”
    “so I’ve got time”


  9. A story of life will never be at peace with another story of life. Not in a thousand lifetimes. Life is not a story. It’s before the story. It’s before the witness of the story is witnessed. It is. Period. The world doesn’t lack peace. That world lacks humility. The unwillingness to see Reality as it is. The arrogance to keep our importance of our stories.
    Reality doesn’t see stories as reality. ..Eventually
    There is an end to suffering.
    There is peace and contentment.
    This is not a fantasy.
    The “world” and stories is the fantasy. Where is it ? Pie in the sky thoughts.
    Reality is right here. Stop.
    End of story.

    • Dave, you’ve got the Witness down, no question, but if you don’t feel compassion and pain for the suffering, then you’ve closed your heart again (“Don’t drink that beer!” 🙂 ).

      In the Witness, I am at peace.

      But the Witness only observes.

      To live life, we must participate, we must knowingly and consciously “contract” into the story. Absolute truth is NOT more real than relative truth. That’s duality. They are equally true because they both arise from the same Source (TaoGodHer).

      If you are at peace with your wife being run over by some madman in a truck, then there is something terribly wrong with your view. This is what you are implying, that the separation between you and your wife are just a “fantasy” and that all is “really” One. Please see my response to Michael above on the Bodhisattva Vow. I’m not in the minority here. The desire for peace in the manifest world of separation is simply the desire for peace within.

      I love you man, you’ve got the Witness down, but I hope you don’t lose your heart because of it.

  10. Hi Wayne. I love your videos. I recently read a near death experience of Mellen Thomas Benedict, in which he explains the world is self-correcting and that pain and war and toxic waste bring us to awareness of the good, and that he is even thankful for and loves toxic waste. Google his near death experience story. Sending you much love, Ute

  11. “To live life, we must participate, we must knowingly and consciously “contract” into the story. Absolute truth is NOT more real than relative truth”.

    To contract into the story as what? Another story?
    True compassion and empathy come by themselves without “doing” anything.
    “To live life”
    How do “you” live life.
    Life is with or without you.
    Is there not seeing without looking?
    Hearing without listening?
    Knowing without thinking?
    No witnessing required.
    It’s the same for everyone and everything.
    No doing required.
    “Living life” ,if you are paying attention, shows you what you are holding on to as “other”. Shows you what has meaning for you. You and you alone.
    Like “transparency” for you has no significance for me and my story. None.
    But you and me are one.
    Life brings me what I “need” to see and you “need” to see.
    To see what?
    To see Reality / Truth / Ourselves, THROUGH the thoughts and ideas of who or what we thought ourselves to be. To confirm our true selves.
    Before even witness.
    We “know” / “see” witness.
    Compassion , Acceptance, Love, Contentment are always there in every moment, good or bad when seen Through. It’s always the same, always IS.
    Without a seperate looker who is seeing Through anything.
    We don’t “need” to “solve” however but rather just recognize. It just appears that way because these things are what are noticed while living life. Kind of fun really. Enjoy.

    • We always disagree on this Dave. Aren’t you tired of it? Of all the Mind Stuff? Why don’t you ever post your personal, “This is how I apply it to Life” experiences like I do? Always the Mind. Never the Heart. I love you Dave, but I don’t agree with you.

      You say, “Unity is the Truth.”

      I say, “Unity and Separation and the Individual and the Divine are the Truth.”

      You’re right, “Unity is the Truth.” But in my experience, it’s not the Whole Truth.

  12. wayne, i think you have reflected the conflict felt by most of us…is it like when you are in the role,you have to play the role…..in my view Bhagvad Geeta makes sense here…and yes you are right,the Witness only observes…it doesn’t get affected

    • Thanks Hitesh. Yes, it’s nothing new—this conundrum—but it’s rarely expressed with today’s idealistic nondual teachers. Why do they hide their everyday lives?

  13. Sorry Wayne.
    I am only offering help to your Mind issues of “I’m not at peace with” list.
    Isn’t that what this post is about?
    I’m not selling philosophy.
    My offering is exactly how “I apply to life” to come to peace and understanding of such questions when they arise.

  14. Hello Wayne, I see you are going through a bad moment! Look up Moojie. I think sometimes when we try to do this alone we come to doubt. In any case moojie would say “There is something dirty coming up” “It’s the ego trying to hang on”. It’ ok just let it happen and carry on. I also think we have to accept that we can have some very uncomfotable feelings that we have to observe. I hate the feeling of wanting to be a goody goody perfectly loving being! but I don’t think it really comes down to that. I think we have to have these uncomfortable experiences, to find out what it is all about. I understand you completely. Go back to the world if you can but I think you will have some difficulty in fitting in you have gone to far.

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