Writer’s Ennui

Procrastinating as the Sun Sets

Procrastinating as the Sun Sets


January 2, 2016 5:15 PM

The last few days I’ve been forcing myself (a very non-Ascetic attitude) to work on probably the hardest part of the book: The evidence of reincarnation for the Soul section.

love writing, but what I’m doing now isn’t writing in a creative way—it is summarizing long, complicated, deeply researched case histories into short, easy to understand paragraphs…

and it’s miserable.

Seriously, miserable.

But yesterday I told myself—because I’ve been procrastinating, because I’ve been struggling, because I’ve been dreading it—that I’m not leaving this campsite until I finish the first draft on the evidence of the Soul.

Gun to the head sort of thing. Mind. Forcing it. Willpower. Control. Deals with the (devil) Ego.

So unspiritual like. So un-Ascetic. Tell me about it. It’s just miserable.

But temporary—and one of the most powerful lessons of the Soul is the temporary nature of practically everything (so why sweat it?).

I got a lot done today. I think I see the Light at the end of the Tunnel (or maybe I’ve died and haven’t realized it yet (Soul… Light at the end of the Tunnel… you get it.)).

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2 thoughts on “Writer’s Ennui

  1. “Maybe Ive died and not realized it yet.” Funny, reminds me of a Tony Parsons comment,something about the joke on the ‘Me’ at death…cause there never was a me? Anyway, writing is scary, the writer stands naked before the world, giving all. It’s frightening to be vulnerable, thus the procrastinating. All writers procrastinate.
    But not all writers photograph themselves from above. Amazing,your photos! This one captured the mood,too,for me ,anyway. ….scared… & sacred have the same letters…

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