You Are So Much More

Following The Path To Its Natural Conclusion

Following The Path To Its Natural Conclusion


July 4, 2016 11:12 AM

I wrote the following last night and this morning decided not to post it. Too much unprovable theory. Too much mind. Too much noise.

A few moments ago though, as I was sitting on a rock on the River, She whispered, “Someone needs to hear this.”

So here it is. Please don’t expect me to participate in any discussion of this (too much theory, to much mind, …). Not my thing. The only point that appeals to me is the last line:

You—whatever that is—are beyond this silly world. You are so much more.

Happy Independence!

Quantum physics’ dual-slit experiment (PDF) tells us that Consciousness is required for matter to “fall out of” the quantum soup (manifest from the quantum potential).

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. Don’t ask me why.

I see three theories that fit this Consciousness-makes-matter feature:

  1. The Universe is a big computer simulation. Elon Musk is big fan of this one. In a computer game, you don’t have all your little werewolves and vampires actually doing anything until the player’s avatar is in the area. Before the player gets involved, the werewolves are just pieces of computer code doing nothing (the quantum soup). This fits well with the dual-slit findings. No need to “make” matter until the player is in the area.
  2. You are TaoGod (or a part of TaoGod) who is dreaming this Universe. Again, no need to manifest matter that isn’t in the vicinity of the dreamer.
  3. A higher dimension of you (and your surroundings) has pushed into this 3D world. This is from my HDI theory, but it still fits. Think of a finger pushing into the surface of a lake. Where the finger and the lake’s surface intersect is the manifest world in your vicinity. The surface of the lake is the quantum potential, and the finger is your higher dimensional you and your surroundings. Again, it fits with the dual-slit experiment in that only the “collision” of the two creates the material world around you (the finger).

Which is true? Hell if I know. I lean toward a combination of 2 and 3, but as it turns out, it doesn’t really matter. The important issue isn’t your surroundings… it is you.

As I sat on a rock on the Umpqua River—looking at the forest and leaves and birds and the current flowing by—I realized that all three of these scenarios had one thing in common: A “higher” version of you is required for all of them.

  1. Computer Simulation: You are the player “inhabiting” or playing the avatar. You are much more than the “human” avatar.
  2. God Dreaming: You are God (or a part of God). You are much more than the human “you.”
  3. HDI Theory: You are a higher dimensional being, pushing into this 3D universe. You are much more than this limited, 3D “you.”

My point?

You—whatever that isare much more than you appear.

You are more than you can know. You are much more.

Newtonian physics—cause and effect—has no explanation for Consciousness manifesting matter. Something more is going on here. Something more is going on everyday, all around you.

Every enlightened person says that you are eternal. Every one of them says you are much more than you appear. Some say your are pure awareness. Some say your are God. Some say you are you-whatever-that-is (okay, maybe I’m the only one saying that). Regardless, you are much more than you appear.

Turn off the news. There’s no need to take this manifest world so seriously. It is just a sliver of a much greater Truth. You are so much more than it is.

What is seeing out your eyes? What is experiencing your thoughts?

You—whatever that is—are beyond this silly world. You are so much more.

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6 thoughts on “You Are So Much More

  1. “Turn off the news. There’s no need to take this manifest world so seriously. It is just a sliver of a much greater Truth. You are so much more than it is.”

    I don’t think you mean to imply that taking the world less seriously means disconnecting with the suffering of others, on whatever level it occurs, but it does sound like that. I know I’m nitpicking here, but I know how some people might perceive that statement so wanted to point that out.

    On the rest of it, kind of there with you. Can’t be bothered with that amount of theory but very interesting!

    • “…disconnecting with the suffering of others…” Now why would you correlate the news with the suffering of others? Hmm… Because it’s true. Sad. News is all about others suffering. How unbalanced is that?

      I’m all for reading the news, but to have if forced on us by newscasters? No thanks. Turn it off. Read the news, pick for yourself what you want to focus on.

      What we focus on, we become. That’s where I was going with this post.

  2. U’r right, too many though forms trying to express the infinite, the inexpressible.
    I’m sure someone may digest this mind meal, may also get indigestion also… 😉

  3. I have been thinking about this stuff recently also. And although it is “mind noise,” the implications of living a life KNOWING what SHE (perceived as “I”) has the capacity to express in this reality is a little overwhelming! I am realizing that SHE is consciousness and awareness and all things and Source of ALL things (manifest and not) and SHE is “me” too!

    Okay great, but if I really know that as “reality” then that means I can manifest anything. I think the evolution of the human species is partly associated with more people understanding this and living it as HER, which raises the vibrational frequency of that particular human(type of matter) as well as all of matter, since everything is one anyway. It means I can affect and influence matter of all kinds, and that “coincidence” becomes my intentional influence. How does that affect living my life on a day to day basis?

    (What got me thinking about this is an article I read about the earth’s ozone layer healing itself.)

    And people, She gave us (Herself) thoughts for a reason…. 🙂

  4. I love your photography, but the one from this post with the title: Following The Path To Its Natural Conclusion….WOW

    It made me feel, know, embrace the truth we all know: this body-mind will die. The human path is so beautifull…..and will come to its natural end. Wow, how lucky we are to wind through forrest as long as it is allowed, how beautifull it is….everything,every little drop, every pain, every cool summer morning, every roothcanal job, every smile, every angry face…..everything.

    Thank you Wayne.

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