Your Body As A Dance Partner

Stepping Into My Shoes

Stepping Into My Shoes


August 30, 2016 11:52 AM

From the book in progress. One of the things I stress about the Mortal Aspect is to think of the body as other—as not you.

Yet we don’t want to get so impersonal that we think of it as just a biological machine…

A Mortal Practice. First draft:

Your Body As A Dance Partner (Yang)

Reach over and pick up something next to you. A pen, a cup of coffee, a napkin, a spoon. Anything small and simple.

As you pick it up, watch your body. Watch your fingers. Watch the movement of your arm and the way your hand glides over to the object.

Isn’t that amazing? Your eyes looked for something to pick up. Your mind locked in on it and your body acted. It acted as if it were intelligent.

Watch the complexity of these actions. Observe the position of each of your fingers as they grasp and lift the object. How did the little finger curl up like that? It curled up all on its own. It acted on its own.

Though you directed, your body acted with you. It was almost as if you were partners in the action. As if two dancers were performing the dance of Pick Up The Coffee Cup. Each—you and your body—played its part. Each acted in unison, but on their own accord.

Now stand up and go for a walk. While you’re walking, notice how your body follows your lead. Turn here. Stop. Look at that. Isn’t it beautiful? Isn’t it wonderful how in synch the body is to you? Like two dancers. Like two lovers. You and your body.

Look at a blade of grass or a tree or a houseplant. You could have been born as one of those. Your senses limited to up and down and sunlight and water and dirt. But you weren’t. You and your body/lover/dance partner can glide and eat and drink and touch and move and… breathe.

Walk. Touch things. Lift things. Move your feet and legs and arms. Your body dances with you. Always your body dances with you. Isn’t it wonderful? It’s practically a miracle.

It is a blessing to be born in a human body.

Whenever you remember, remember your body as a lover—as your dance partner. Dancing together in the physical world. Dancing together through this incarnate life.

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13 thoughts on “Your Body As A Dance Partner

  1. That was a wonderful, wonderful thing to write. I, too, have been into my body, realizing that we are spiritual beings living in a physical body. Out desire is to experience the physical. I thank my body everyday for being healthy and well. I like thinking it even more as a “Partner” and better yet, “Dancing Partner.”
    Good Life!

  2. Truly a good way to put it. Two snippets stood out.

    “we don’t want to get so impersonal that we think of it as just a biological machine…”

    “Always your body dances with you. Isn’t it wonderful? It’s practically a miracle.”

    I’ll hold my hand up as being very impersonal with a touch of working on it and the second snippet helps make things more personal.

  3. It is no wonder we identify as the body since it is with us every waking moment. The perfection and beauty of the human form, the aliveness energy shining through the eyes, the squeals of childish delight, the heart-rending sobs in the night, the gasps of breathless ecstasy, the suffering of lower back pain that just won’t stop. I may not be just this body, but this body is nothing without me. When this intelligence energy departs, this body will slump into dead meat and bone. This marvel of bio-engineering will disperse as a different arrangement of molecules and emptiness, reclaiming its potential to combine into something else. Or not.

    • Me either. From what I wrote this morning for the book…

      When I’m quiet, when I’m aware, She whispers in my ear, “This is Life. For as long as you have this body, we will share this life together. I love you. I am here with you. Always.

  4. Hi Wayne,

    What great slippers you have (from the photo)!

    When standing back in my mind to see my feelings/thoughts/physical experiences, i experience it as you describe. My body is a wonderful blessing with which to experience this life.

    What i would like to do next is experience universal consciousness to help compliment the self-awareness and separateness of being in my body.

    That wish may be the hardest to attain. Maybe i’ll meet a froggy guru. 🙂

    Thanks for this passage, Wayne

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