You’ve Been Dumbed Down

The Dumbing Of Consciousness

The Dumbing Of Consciousness


August 21, 2016 5:10 PM

Worse, you chose to be dumbed down.

The unexamined assumption is that the brain generates consciousness.

The truth—when we examine the evidence—is that consciousness is limited by the brain.

You read that right. Consciousness is limited by the brain.

You-as-a-Soul dumbed yourself down to experience life as this silly, physical creature.

As a Soul, you remember all your past lives… yet you’ve dumbed yourself down to forget them. You wanted a clean slate while incarnate.

You-as-a-Self dumbed yourself down to live in the world of separation. You got tired of animals eating you as you marveled at the Great One Thing.

As a Self, you have Witness consciousness—the uniting of the personal and the impersonal. Yet you’ve dumbed yourself down to only experiencing one at a time. Me. Other. Me. Other. Me. Other. You have to work at re-uniting them: MeOtherMeOtherMeOtherOneThing.

Brainwave activity isn’t the brain miraculously generating consciousness. That’s backwards. Brainwave activity is Consciousness activating the feeble and limited brain.

Don’t get attached to this silly brain of yours. Its life is finite. Don’t take anything it says too seriously. You are so much more than your brain… and so much less.

The less there is of you, the more there is of the Divine.

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4 thoughts on “You’ve Been Dumbed Down

  1. It seems like the brain acts as a filter for consciousness, so we may selectively experience a desired outcome or life effect. Witnessing or being the witness kinda bypasses the brain so one sees a wider perspective/ richer reality. Fascinating topic!

  2. Thanks Wayne. I sit here in the dark, with my laptop on my lap. I’ve been enjoying just being. Exploring the edges of that. The dark and the quiet are nice.

  3. AWESOME treatment of the photo,,it’s like a visual onomatopoeia….creating the blurr of drunkenness, by painting the bottles in the manner of the dream they bring.

    Do you use a special technique to achieve that?

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