A New Era For Seekers Of Enlightenment

Forgive all the videos. I’m going though a “set-up” phase. This one is the lead-in to my YouTube channel. It acts to introduce what makes Mystical Oneness different and what it can do for the viewer.

I’m still playing around with various formats. Maybe I should stick with the slide-show format (ie: above) for the more “technical” stuff and the talking-head format for the softer, more spiritual side. Who knows? You guys know me: Dive in, stumble about, and get beat up until things clarify.

The wise have their scars. 🙂

It's Time To Wake Up

Mystical Oneness and the Nine Aspects of BeingMystical Oneness and the Nine Aspects of Being is a step-by-step guide to enlightenment and beyond.

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It's Time To Be Happy

The Serentity TechniqueWe live in divisive times.

The Serenity Technique provides 7 simple steps for inner peace… whenever you need it.

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It's Time Let Go

My Dying WordsImagine I have only seven days left to live.
Now imagine I share my last thoughts with you.

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5 thoughts on “A New Era For Seekers Of Enlightenment

    • Really? I turned on closed caption in all the recent videos… You just have to hit the “CC” icon. Sorry to see you’re having a hard time with it. Let me know if I missed something.

    • I didn’t see it at first either. You have to hit “Play” and then it appears next to the other icons a few seconds later.

      It’s a cool feature. All I had to do (I think) is tell YouTube the video was in English and it did the rest. So thanks for the little push Bill! Maybe this will open up other videos for you. 🙂

      PS: It won’t work in the video above b/c there is no narration.

  1. Hi Wayne, Thank you for your videos explaining reincarnation. I have been tangling with this too, asking myself what I am doing here and why I see me living in difficult conditions and the world surrounding me as being in such a mess. What you don’t mention is that all of this is an illusion of the ego mind developed over millions of reincarnations. As someone said I think it might have been Mere Theresa, “Man is because he thinks!” In fact, no, I can’t say “in Fact” because I have to see this to be the truth and I haven’t yet got to that point! but the world that we see is an invention of the ego mind or the personal soul that is somehow imagined and brought to life. This is due to a separation “accidental” or “intentional” from our “source” or “witness”, it sounds as though the “Whole” or “Holy One” enjoyed himself so much watching the “scene” that He decided to get in there and get a closer view on what is reacting and interacting in this play of illusions. So if we want to die (stop reincarnation) and go back to the the source of our Being we have to learn stop hanging on to our living wants and needs.
    Did you also read about the black hole theory and the idea that it projects all that it swallows in the exact original form, just like the Eye! I found that facinationg.

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