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Why Should It Change Now?

Why Should It Change Now?


January 25, 2017 6:23 PM

One of the greatest benefits of spiritual awakening is that life consistently “lines up.”

Read up on practically any spiritually enlightened person and somewhere in their narrative they will say something similar—that things just work out for them.

This happens so often in my life—I am so lucky—that I am literally surprised when things don’t work out.

Even the kidney stone worked out in so many ways: a test of the VA system (free, no deductible coverage); locking me into the Prescott/Cottonwood area helped me finish my book in record time; great material for the book; test of consciousness under anesthesia; ….

Here’s the insight I received today: Since 99% of the time things just work out for me, then I don’t have to sweat anything. I don’t have to play any “what if” games. I don’t have to put excess effort into marketing or strategizing or working things out. No enlightened person does (and enlightenment is a skill).

So here’s a piece of advice I want to share with anyone who is spiritually enlightened:

If you are awake, then life is going to continue to “line up” in your favor. Expect this!

There’s no need to worry. No need to go out of your way to make things happen. No need to struggle or fret or fear the future. Life has consistently lined up for you in the past, and there’s no reason for it to stop now.

What a great benefit!

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7 thoughts on “Advice For The Enlightened

  1. While i don’t know if enlightenment is a skill or not, life is a mystery, and it seems everything that “happens” in our lives all point to mystical oneness. From my experience, events “line up” simply b/c i become aware of them, seems like a common occurrence amongst the awakened. All the best Wayne!

  2. Hi Wayne,

    Is it also possible that the events appear to line up due to a lack of resistance to the opportunity for them to? In other words, if everyone would just stop resisting the moment so much, would they find that life is constantly trying to do the same for the unenlightened as well, with only resistance getting in the way of it?

    Although I wouldn’t consider myself to be enlightened, I have seen the effect on many occasions of the road paving itself in front of me as I walk along it, and its usually at times when I am the least resistant and most aware. In those times, its also quite easy for me to understand how the mind could have easily screwed the whole thing up with a bit of resistance.

    An analogy for this would be that if I’m at point A, and things “going my way” will take place at point C, I may have to go through point B to get there. And if the mind isn’t too fond of point B, I may miss (or delay) the opportunity to get to point C due to the resistance to B. The lining up was always there, but turned into a missed opportunity.

    Interested to hear your take on it. And thanks for the great blog and books!

    • Yes, the less there is of you, the more there is of Her (the Divine, good luck, happiness, …). In fact, this is the evidence I use to help people recognize the Mystic Aspect — that as they’ve become more spiritual, they have been getting increasingly luckier. The pattern suggests an Intelligence operating behind the scenes.

      There is a back-story to this post which I may write another post on, but for the awakened, it is still easy to fall victim to an over-anxious mind and this was just a reminder to them (and myself) that their past “luck” is evidence that they need not listen to the noise in their mind.

  3. Hi Wayne,

    My view is that an enlightened person or a person who understands the mechanics of the mind will always look on the positive side of events. Therefore it “lines up” most of the time and the more positive one is the more “lined up” life is.

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