Aligned But Different Reflections

Aligned But Different Reflections


August 17, 2017 11:44 AM

I’ve started writing again.

One of the core premises of Being God: A User’s Manual is that we are all the same.

Like the photo above, though all the windows are reflecting different images, at their core, they are all just glass.

At our core, we are all the Divine.

Like myself, two nomad friends have also been traveling more than normal over the last week. Driving long days, placing ourselves within the path of the eclipse, we find ourselves in alignment. Glenn a couple hundred miles to my left and Randy a couple hundred miles to my right.

There’s a beauty to this alignment, to the millions of people traveling from all over the world for the same purpose, in pursuit of the same desire. Positioning themselves. The same, but reflecting different surroundings.

If everyone were to focus on what we have in common, in what we all—by our nature—are naturally in alignment on, we would find peace with one another. At our core, we are all the same. Everyone acts from Love. Our constant acts of Love are what align us.

Divisiveness comes from focusing on the differences.

Peace comes from focusing on the similarities.

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  1. Wayne, I came across an interview regarding your nomadic life style. Then I learned of your writing. So far I’m enjoying it, so keep it coming. I’d be interested in knowing whether you have any inspiration from other philosophers or writers.

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