An Example of Surrender


July 18, 2017 10:33 AM

I didn’t intend to begin writing. I intended to create an outline. But I began writing before I even knew it.

Surrender to the Divine is not to surrender your will, but to surrender your self.

When you surrender your me-me-me self, everything else comes easy. Everything else flows.

First draft—seriously, minimum edits—of the opening chapters to Being God: A User’s Manual written this morning (note the timestamp above).


Neither Before nor After.

Neither Above nor Below.

Neither the Contained nor the Container.

You Are.

This Clarity of Being—this known sense of existence—is certain.

And because of this certainty—because You know it—You are Intelligent.

And because You are intelligent, You are Aware.

And You are aware of Love moving through You.

Clear, Loving, Intelligent Awareness… these are Your qualities.

Clear, Loving, Intelligent Awareness… these are the qualities of God.

God. You. Clear, Loving, Intelligent Awareness.

Neither Before nor After.

Neither Above nor Below.

Neither the Contained nor the Container.

You Are.

You are God.

Clear, Loving, Intelligent Awareness. They arise as One. They arise as God. They arise as You.

And You are That.


Neither Before nor After.

Neither Above nor Below.

Neither the Contained nor the Container.

You Are.

But You are alone.

No Before. No After… No Time.

No Above. No Below… No Universe.

No Contained. No Container… No Manifest.

You Are.

But You are alone.

You are One. You are Infinity. You are Clear, Loving, Intelligent Awareness.

You are God…

But You are alone.


Love is Your life force. Love is Your motivator. Love is Your feeling of being. Love is the energy of Your intelligence and awareness.

Love is why You set Everything in motion.

Love is why You created Time and the Universe and the Natural Laws.

Love is why You manifested as Everything.

And Love is why You forgot. Forgot being alone. Forgot being the Source. Forgot You are Clear, Loving, Intelligent Awareness.

And Love is why You forgot You are God.

The Many

You Love Yourself, and Love is the reason You made all this.

You Love Yourself, and You no longer wanted to be alone.

So You created Time and the Universe and the Natural Laws and You imbued them and became them.

And—so You could experience them authentically—You intentionally forgot that You were the source and essence of them.

You love Yourself, and You wanted to experience Yourself in all Your glory.

So You created and You imbued and You forgot.

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11 thoughts on “An Example of Surrender

  1. you sound like the boring non dualists. All vague and confusing, very bookish stuff. I am a common person and i need to know

    how to get grace , because this so called surrender comes only with grace.

    can u answer that one.

  2. Hi Wayne,

    I was once walking down the steps to a basement concourse of an office building, when i had the perception of everyone within my view were the same being, looking at each other through different sets of eyes. The heat of the afternoon sun on my back brought my attention to a problem with my perception, that i could not feel anything within this perception. I was missing the love and compassion, so it was really just an intellectual sort of experience. The message was ‘work on the love and compassion’.

    You’re really not that boring, Wayne. 🙂


  3. Thank you for replying.I have been wondering for a long time about what surrender is , and only one answer stuck in my mind; also given by a famous non dualist. That even that surrender comes with grace.It is not in any human’s hand or does not depend on any human will.Hence my question. From that point onward I gave up trying to understand surrender and started praying for grace instead.Hindus call it kripa. Still looking up various perfect masters who have let it slip in their conversations about how to get it. All I know at this stage is that I don’t really know anything at all , never did and perhaps never will, till that grace descends.All I can do is pray for that grace.
    There , I sound like a non dualist myself. All contradictory.
    The best non dualist was Ramana Maharishi. He was the goods.
    Thank u again.

  4. Hello Wayne. Your writing this morning resonates strongly..& it’s got nothing to do with “dualist – non dualist” or any category or naming. Thank you for this…for me it’s a hymn that could be sung or spoken softly. It is profound

    • Thank-you deb. When one throws out a first draft—particularly when it seems to write itself (the point of the “surrender” post)—it’s so welcome to hear it resonates with someone. 🙂

  5. Also Wayne , my deepest apologies for the boring non dualist comment. I am at a very difficult passe in my life and seeking some answers but that is no excuse for it Please forgive me and I will feel blessed. I follow your blog because i find you an interesting sadhu.My humble apologies.

    • No problem Madhu. The wise have their scars. 🙂 My biggest (broadest) piece of advice I might offer comes from my book, My Dying Words:

      It’s important to realize that a closed-mind—automatic resistance—is the second biggest barrier to spiritual development. Second only to the belief in the ego-story.

      Just try to keep an open mind. Maybe one doesn’t need “luck” (grace) to wake up or surrender.


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