Being Pulled From The Light

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June 29, 2017 9:24 AM

The message of nonduality is that all is One Thing and the implications of the siddhis is that this One Thing is intelligent.

In other words:

You are God.

(All is One. The One is intelligent. The One is God. You are One. You are God.)

Even though my conscious mind believes this, my thoughts and actions often say otherwise. My unconscious beliefs often pull me out of this state. And therein lies the issue.

This discrepancy between conscious and unconscious beliefs is what I’ve been working on for the last two months (and continue to do so).

Unlike most nondual teachers, I don’t believe that “conditioning” should be written off.

Why? Purely selfish reasons. I’ve been thinking a lot about death since My Dying Words and my father’s passing. I simply don’t want to be pulled from the Light (You-as-God) when I merge with Her at physical death because of unconscious beliefs.

An excerpt from a comment I made on facebook (link may not work):

Separation is required to see ourselves—it is required to function on this manifest plane—but that doesn’t mean we have to IDENTIFY with separation. If you are taking any events in this manifest world PERSONALLY, then on some level, usually an UNCONSCIOUS level, you are still identified with being a person.

I choose to continue working on these unconscious beliefs because when this body dies, I don’t want to be unconsciously pulled back into the world of separation. If it is affecting me here in this manifest world, it is going to affect me when I merge with the Light/Source/God on bodily death. With all my heart, I don’t want that. Some practitioners/teachers may not care about it, but I do.

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12 thoughts on “Being Pulled From The Light

  1. I have to say I’ve always been confused about this part of your beliefs. I think you mentioned it in your book too and I was confused then as well. You’ve done so much research on NDEs, but think you were “ripped” from the light to appear here. The majority of NDE I’ve listened to and read almost all say it was their choice. Ones who even merged almost completely with “the light”. Even when they regret their choice (which is rare) or don’t remember why they chose to come back they all remember choosing it. So I don’t think it’s not “your” choice.. I think it’s more plausible that the imaginary “I/little self” that seems to be here is saying it doesn’t want to come back, but all the research I’ve found says the “larger you” makes the choice.. consciously.

    Of course this is all assuming that it matters.. I’m leaning more towards that “life after death ” world/reality is exactly the same as this one.. all just a dream… a “real” feeling one to be sure, but not necessarily one that matters/is true any more than this one… but that’s just something I’m contemplating lately. 🙂

    • I’m not sure we are talking about the same thing, as my experience and research are completely opposite. The “Light” is you-as-God. NDE’ers are universally drawn to the Light, but very few ever remember becoming one with it. There is almost always a separation and remarks about how benevolent and non-judgemental it is (it’s really You-as-God, but this fact is not recognized so the Light is seen as “other”).

      Everyone merges with the Light at death, just as everyone merges with Clear Loving Awareness—Nirvikalpa Samadhi—every night when they are asleep but not dreaming. 99.9999% of the time though, we don’t remember these states (Nirvikalpa Samadhi at night nor being one with the Light at death).

      What I assume you are talking about is that after merging with the Light (and forgetting that union b/c their awareness wasn’t developed deeply enough yet), they opt to either return to their “dead” body (in the case of NDE’s) or they opt to come back as a newborn (in the case of hypnotic regression of young children).

      But remembering being one with the Light—remembering being one with God? Very, very, few people have recollection of this… probably on par with those that regularly experience Nirvikalpa Samadhi.

      I could be wrong, but that’s my experience (see this post from Fading Toward Enlightenment (the second excerpt) where I describe my personal experience).

  2. It’s interesting. At this stage for me (caught in and swayed about by so many nondual teachings and suggestions over my few years as a seeker) I have tried to strip myself down and follow your Oneness book. I am in the 1st tier practices.
    My me me me mind is so fickle and fearful when I try to look more than one step ahead. I just hope I find timely progress.
    One thought on your post though Wayne;
    What do you think would happen for someone who acquired Altzeimers (or something similar), and they revert to a strong separate identity based on their past? I guess I am talking about the mental aspects. I assume their essential self would somehow prevail unharmed?

    • “What do you think would happen for someone who acquired Altzeimers (or something similar), and they revert to a strong separate identity based on their past?”

      I saw this with my father. It was like he was only like 1/4 “there” anymore. I think from a Soul’s perspective, he was 3/4 “out the door” and just waiting to be released from the burdens of a physical body. I expect it’s the same with Alzheimers. Remember, you are not your thoughts, nor the noise in your head. Those are just more layers—like clothing—that ultimately are discarded on the path to deeper realization.

      “fearful when I try to look more than one step ahead”.

      One step at a time is the way to go. Too many spiritual seekers try to jump directly to the end, and—ironically—waste their entire lives attempting this “shortcut”. You’re doing it right. 🙂

  3. OK, then what do you make of the concept of Bodhisatva
    (in Mahayana Buddhism) a person who is able to reach nirvana but delays doing so out of compassion in order to save suffering beings?

  4. Why even mentally distinguish between conscious and unconscious states of being? Otherwise you are still trapped in the duality/ nonduality mind game that you try so hard to break out of. The more your think, the deeper you get lost in your “spirituality”. Illusion and reality are relative, and hence you can say/ compare/ contrast/ dissect/ analyse/ discuss. What to say of the absolute? Enlightenment? Beyond Death?

    • It’s AND’s Maddie. AND’s. Not OR’s. Haven’t you read any of my work?

      Regardless, if one gets “pulled out” of the truth of one’s being into the world of illusion, then I’d say they shouldn’t ignore it (as you seem to suggest), but actually try to strengthen their attention. Evolution only takes place during periods of suffering or hardship. It’s a requirement for natural growth. Ignoring the hardship and saying, “It’s all okay. Just be,” is silly and sad IMO.

      Personally, I think the idea of “you’re already enlightened and there’s nothing to do” so popular today is BS. I’ve been saying it for years.

      I’m not saying you are advocating this (you aren’t transparent about yourself so it’s hard to tell), I’m just saying that sitting on one’s butt and accepting everything as perfect is not particularly effective and the waste of a perfectly good lifetime.

  5. Hi Wayne, thanks for sharing ur personal perspective. Yes i have read ur work, prior to 2012 i would agree with your logical methodology toward enlightenment.
    But what is enlightenment really? Admittedly i did “search” for enlightenment, did meditation, read everything from enlightened masters, practiced techniques, prayed, fasted, did DMT, psilocybin, ayahuasca etc. The thing is, despite all these experiences, trips, altered states or whatever you want to label them, it gave me an initial taste, but is not “that”.
    Post 2012, and it’s like a light switch just came on! I simply dropped everything i thought i knew and the search is over. A “knowingness” overcame “me”, right then i realize there’s nothing to learn, nothing to teach, nothing to sell.
    Everything is exactly the way “it” is, ahhh… how to express this… this? I can try, but not in words, not in deed, not in suffering or hardship can anyone ever attain “this”.
    Realization: suffering/ hardship may even contribute to the hardening of one’s ego!
    Life is so hard, enlightenment is so hard to acheive… it is a challenge to acquire it!
    Problem is the more we seek, the further “this” eludes us.
    Question, how did the Buddha become enlightened? Was it his desire for truth or suffering? In part it did lead him to the point of enlightenment, but only when he dropped the very idea of enlightenment and seeking did he attain “this”. Life is paradoxical like “this”. Life just is. I am who i am, and you are who you are.
    Simply “this”. 😉 <3 :}*

    • Thanks for opening up a little Maddie. Yes, if one opts not to share the gift of awakening, then it is much easier to just abide in it. Sharing requires contraction.

  6. Hi Wayne,

    I seem to have a slightly different take on this separation thing. Having read Dr. Michael Newman’s journey/destiny of souls books, i get the distinct impression that we, us here in this 3d plane, are a long, long way from the ultimate reunion with the Creator. Newman mentions a level of soul development where the soul experiences knowing everything. His advanced clients who’s higher selves knew anything about this, indicated that no one currently incarnating was at this level. Even ascended teacher souls, who didnt have to incarnate due to spiritual advancement, did not have access to this realm.

    So, that being said, i would think that the ‘union with all’ consciousness we are contemplating here is perhaps a limited version that our bodies on this plane can handle. Not to say that it isnt a worthwhile goal, because it is. Its just not our final destination.

    And it may also be that even if a person is able to achieve cosmic consciousness in this lifetime, they may still be destined to reincarnate here for purposes we cant comprehend.

    For instance, Yogananda has a story of a friend of his father who could achieve bilocation, had devotees who watched him die. They were told he would be reborn to join Babaji in the hymalayas. So, even this advanced soul returned.

    Best regards,

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