Calm Weather. Clear Mind.

This Morning's Brain Dump

This Morning’s Brain Dump


April 10, 2017 9:55 AM

For many years—the years I was serious about becoming less—I was convinced that my emotional state affected the weather. Now I know, largely because of my experiences with the Collective Consciousness (here, here, and here), that it is a two way street. How could it be otherwise? It’s all One.

For the last few days, the winds have been brutal. For the last few days, my mind has been inundated with Insights and doubts and frustrations. The Serenity Technique has been invaluable with the frustrations, but the winds and the Insights and the doubts have been so overwhelming. Many longtime readers know I have a love/hate relationship with the Insights—that their gifts come with a cost. All I could do was wait and abide and accept.

This morning the winds had ceased. The sun warmed the cold air and I dumped my brain onto sheets of paper. Soon patterns became clear:

  • I love writing. I love writing these blog posts. I love writing short books. Longer books are a lot of work—more of a chore.
  • My writing isn’t futile even if it is never read or shared. If I write to myself—to my next life’s me—then it will be worth it. And it will keep me focused on the critical, hard to find subjects that aren’t found in popular “nondual” teachings.
  • My target audience is anyone who sees the benefits in becoming less: The enlightened; those seeking enlightenment; those curious about enlightenment. I had struggled with this decision, wanting to bring a larger audience to Mystical Oneness, but I realized…
  • You can’t write from fear. Surrender is probably the hardest practice for any spiritual person—enlightened or not. I can’t write, at least the works I have in mind, with the focus on selling lots of books. With the focus on making a living at this. With the focus on spreading my message. No, none of that. All of that is fear-based. Write for love. Love for my future self. Love for my audience. Love for a more awakened world. What is useful to them?

I’m aware this blog has been focused a lot on writing lately. And I don’t want that. That was the big reason to sideline Through The Eyes Of A Mystic—to share those stories here rather than to put them off. To continue sharing the way the world appears through my eyes—intimately and personally—while still working on the other books.

The photo above is the conclusion of this morning’s brain dump. A collection of short, focused books in a series: Living In Mystical Oneness.

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4 thoughts on “Calm Weather. Clear Mind.

  1. Wayne, whether you write for others or just yourself may make no difference to you, and I can (kind of) see that. But it would make a difference to me if they stopped coming through.
    I really like reading them. I bought Mystical Oneness and took some time to start it. I hoped to continue with it on a long distance walk (the UK southwest coastal path) which I have currently started, but it was too heavy to include with all my camping gear etc. I look forward to picking it up again once I have finished. Your blog posts are great 🙂

      • I’m already a big enough nuisance when I have to charge up my camera, phone, ipods and ecig batteries though. I don’t want to short out one of those lovely villages! 🙂

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