DX Trump


Veterans will recognize the meaning of the title right away. DX stands for Direct Exchange. Think trading something in for a new model: This sleeping bag has a hole in it. I need to DX it.

So the title above roughly translates into:

This president is insane. We need to trade him in for a new one.

You don’t hear me talking politics much. Other than the rare exception, I’ve no intention to start either. I’m certain that congress, once they have enough ammunition, will DX Trump soon. They’ll legally get rid of him through either impeachment or the 25th Amendment. But they are going to need some time.

If I were inclined to protest, I would not fall into Trump’s Trap as so many protesters have done (and are still doing).

Trump’s Trap is simply this:

Start a new fire everyday. Keep the ‘enemy’ so focused on my fires that they don’t have time to focus on getting rid of me.

Don’t protest every fire Trump starts. He WANTS that. If you have an arsonist in your city, he’ll keep burning buildings to distract you. He’ll keep burning and burning and burning.

Arsonists are smart… but they’re insane.

To stop the fires, you’ve got to get rid of the arsonist.

If you don’t think congress is acting swiftly enough in DX’ing Trump, call them or email them and tell them. Threaten them. Say something like:

You KNOW Trump’s not fit for office. If you don’t get on board DX’ing Trump, I’m not going to vote for you ever again. If you wait until it’s a sure thing, I’m not going to vote for you ever again.

Then tell everyone you know to do the same thing (feel free to send them to this post).

Don’t get mad at Trump. He can’t help himself. He’s insane. Get mad at your elected representatives.

#DXTrump it. Start a movement. Focus your efforts. Put the fires out all at once. Put them out at the source.

Most of all, do your protests peacefully. Don’t start anymore fires. That’s what Trump wants. Arsonists are insane, but they’re also smart.

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Peace and Love, baby. Peace and Love.


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26 thoughts on “DX Trump

  1. Hi Wayne,

    I heard a Kryon channeling saying that the Trump pesidency is ‘catylitic’ happening, that it would accellerate the evolution of our society. So, whatever the outcome of this process it may be all for the good.

    And, by the way, if you have done any objective research on hillary clnton you’ll realize she quite possibly more dangerous than Trump. No one can bribe Trump cuz he’s already filthy rich and hillary was bought and paid for.


  2. I’m guessing that this post will get more attention than usual. People who usually travel in ‘spiritual circles’ are stressed, exasperated and even afraid of the possibilities, in this particular political climate. It intrudes on the peace of mind that many of us focus on every day. It’s good to see that someone recognizes that this is ‘outside’ what we usually deal with in our lives.

    • Yeah, SHE’s been bugging me about this for the past three days. I said, “No! I don’t want the haters!” But She wouldn’t shut up about it. It’s not easy being me. 🙂

  3. I was, and am, a Bernie supporter. I have allowed myself to calm down since the election. We must tear down in order to create. Kali is in control. And the 2018 mid terms will be a great chance to flush the crap out congress.

  4. I find politics to be an interesting vehicle, a barometer of sorts to measure one’s thought processes, emotions, preferences, prejudices and ignorance. With a little awareness, I can catch myself taking a position on certain issues (polarity).
    As for my 2 cents- Trump is a non-issue, just a product of our times (accelerating consciousness for the masses), another litmus test of life in the 21st.
    When citizens play partisan politics, rarely do they consider the other side’s point of view. Most minds are firmly determined with no room for debate or differing opinion. When i catch myself thinking i “know” something to be true, that’s when i step back and look for the counter argument.
    Try looking at the whole picture, remember… there are just as many Trump supporter as there are detractors. Half the population can’t be insane, or can they?? 🙂

    • “there are just as many Trump supporter as there are detractors. Half the population can’t be insane, or can they??”

      Oh no. This post isn’t about his supporters. I know (and love) quite a few of them. It’s about Trump not being fit to hold the office of someone responsible for all of America’s (and even the world’s) safety. He’s a hell of a pitchman, a showman, and an entertainer, but he’s not sane. And I fully expect congress is working behind the scenes to get him out of office. They’re not stupid.

      But this has nothing to do with Trump (or Hillary or Bernie) supporters. It has to do with everyone… everyone who could be nuked because China made fun of how small his hands are (kidding (sort of)). 🙂

      • lol, fully agree, but it’s not going to be easy getting this megalomaniac out of office! There are many forces behind the scenes, manipulating the course of human events, and it will take a mass awakening to prevent mutual annihilation of humanity. Let’s pray/ meditate on behalf of Trump… and just maybe higher consciousness will trump Trump’s ego!
        Just attended a webinar revealing the hidden motivations of Trump, his role in humanity’s development, and spiritual/ multidimensional implications of this timeline/ period. Fascinating lecture, gained some valuable perspective about our collective future!
        Keep up the great work Wayne, you certainly are one of many lightworkers with great integrity and knowledge, propelling mankind towards higher consciousness.


  5. Thank you, Wayne, for posting, and I appreciate that it must have been a difficult decision to do so. I agree with your analysis of the Trump trap and your suggestion of an alternative action. Taking no action is, after all, also a choice, and it’s a choice that could have dire consequences.

    To note without indulging in blame that one man, Trump, is insane is not an indictment against all Republicans, the vast majority of whom are—just like most Democrats, Independents, Libertarians, contrarians—rational, decent folk. It is, simply, an observation about one man. Being in discernment is quite different from being judgemental, and a discerning eye does not seek to paint everyone or an entire party with the same brush.

    We are in an extreme situation today. Some psychiatrists and therapists are concerned enough about our President’s sanity that they are breaking an ethical rule set by the American Psychiatric Association (APA) that bans them from publicising their professional diagnostic opinions. They are speaking out about the dangers one man, Trump, poses to the US and the world because their conscience will not let them be silent.


  6. You really disappoint me with this post Wayne. I come to this blog for spiritual nourishment and insight and what do I get but more political bullshit. More hate. I’m tired of it.
    Also, I didn’t see anything in your “About” page about being a professional psychologist, psychiatrist or whoever it is that decides if a person is insane. Is that something SHE is qualified to do?

    • Sorry Ernie. About once every four to eight years I’ll say something political. Don’t take it personally. Hell, don’t take your emotions personally. You can’t help yours. I can’t help mine. Trump can’t help his.

      I don’t hate Trump. I love him. I love you. I love everyone. No one can help their emotions or their psychological makeup. Since I don’t see these things as “them,” I don’t have a problem loving people with negative emotions/states. But is this ‘more hate’? I don’t see any hatred in my post.

      Oddly, I think most republicans would love Pence as the commander in chief. Pretty much the same values as Trump but without all the psychological issues. Plus he’d get along a lot better with congress which would make him much more effective for promoting the Republican agenda.

      But my evaluation of Trump as insane is purely based on what I’ve read from psychologists (CM has a couple good links). On a personal note though, if I had a daughter, I’d certainly be more comfortable with her alone in a room with Pence than Trump. Pretty much ditto with the nuclear football. Just my opinion though. Like I said, once every four to eight years I’ll post a political opinion. If that’s too often for you, then you should probably look for a more opaque source of spiritual inspiration.

  7. Ok Wayne you knew Hillary was corrupt and you didn’t vote for her. Bernie would have been more of the socialist agenda that would have never worked. The media was for Hillary and against Trump. Don’t believe a word the media says. It has an agenda and it isn’t higher consciousness. He is not the man the media is brainwashing the world to believe he is. Take a deep breath and tune in to what is really happening. We are transitioning and Trump is the right person at the right time.

  8. Wayne,
    You said it all when you said “He’s insane.” True, and people who have a platform such as yours do well to be political at the right time.
    Thank you for your insight.

  9. I don’t mean to be disrespectful to people who I know are trying hard to improve themselves but it is very disappointing to hear this talk of President being insane. Trump has some personality issues that are imbalanced but I would bet there isn’t a person calling him insane that would make a decent President. Every person that calls him insane has their own insanity issues buried in their own mind and needs to dig them out. The ego sees what it wants to see and condemns and fears what is not yet balanced within themselves. I thought Trump’s campaign talk was sometimes ridiculous, and it was, but I researched his real nature. Now I feel he will turn out fine, maybe even great. In fact, it will take someone of his special skills and heart to bring some common sense to this mass egoic ignorance that has been holding mankind back for thousands of years. He doesn’t owe either party anything because the elite in both parties were against him. We will transition into higher consciousness and he will help our government create more of an environment to do that. He has hugh compassion. The mass media doesn’t see it because it is not in themselves to recognize it. Let us give him a break from hate, and ourselves a break from our own hate. The darkness of hate is never the answer. And yes Wayne I am sure you love him on some level but I’m encouraging you to bring your love a little more down to earth. Judging him insane is not how you do that. Take an inner moment and ask yourself just how bias are you. Could you be just plain wrong about him? Have some patience… SHE may decide to prove you wrong.

  10. Re:my evaluation of Trump as insane is purely based on what I’ve read from psychologists ,,,

    I’m surprised you put such store in psychologists,,,
    There are certainly a few honorable ones,,,but many are deluded about human nature as the educational system feeds them propaganda that shackles them to Big Pharma type dependency, for both themselves and their patients.
    Insanity is more applicable a word when speaking of the sick tie between vocations and Big Medicine that keep folks sick so the corporate elite can afford certain lifestyles.

    • That’s a really good point, more like an indictment, about the medical ‘profession’, Carol. I had an honorable psychologist tell me once the some doctors and psychiatrists get kickback payments from big pharma for prescribing their drugs. That makes these medical ‘professionals’ just drug pushers.

      I still use drugs, but only when nothing else works and only then the cheapest generics which have been used the longest with the least side effects. We mostly use herbal remedies mixed with other naturopathic solutions, which most of the time work just fine.

      Regarding Trump, i would say they can line up the way to DX him if they want, but wait till he proves himself incapable or too dangerous to do his job before acting.

      By the way, almost all the presidents since eisenhauer/kennedy have repeatly committed treason and only one’s been removed from office. Two openly admitted treasonous acts were fabricated false flag events used to escalate wars, the first being the gulf of tonkin incident at the start of the viet nam war, and the fake weapons of mass destruction for the recent iraq war. Also worth a mention is the clear treason and traitorous 9/11 fake terrorist attack. Now those events were concocted by truly insane people. Trump is atleast up front about what he’s doing, allowing us to debate the policy, not hiding real intensions behind fake false flag events conjured up by murderous psychopaths.

      • Good point AL H
        As opposed to Obama and Hillary,,,Trump is forth coming,,,,says what he’s gonna do,,then does it. This is known as,,’a man of his word’.
        Whether we agree with him or not,,that quality is rare in Washington.

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