Harmony, Fantasy And Rage




August 9, 2017 10:27 AM

The primary barrier to inner harmony is believing in fantasies. Specifically, the fantasy of the ego story being real.

If You can perceive it, it can’t be You. Two things: You (whatever that is) and a second, separate thing that You are experiencing.

Two things: You and not-You.

You are not a human. You are not a man. You are not rich. You are not a former real estate developer. You are not a leader. You are not the president of a country. Those are roles, jobs, and ideas. They help us communicate and understand each other, but they are not who You are.

You are not being personally attacked when someone lobs an insult or a threat. Insults and threats are just noise. Noise targeting those who identify with their egos.

If You believe the fantasy that You are Your roles—and You control one of the world’s foremost nuclear arsenals—then insults and threats may motivate You to do something that everyone will pay for. Possibly for generations to come.

Your ego is a fantasy identity. Your roles are not You. Don’t take them personally. Because when You do, You will be unhappy… maybe even unhappy enough to do something “tremendously and very” stupid.



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4 thoughts on “Harmony, Fantasy And Rage

  1. Hi Wayne.

    Why do you suppose we are so attached to certain identities? For example, why are you attached to your identity as a “rational mystic”?

    • To answer your first question: Unexamined assumptions. We are told as soon as we learn language that, You are a boy. You are white. You are American. You are supposed to be good. You are supposed to be smart. You are… and pretty soon we start to believe this stuff. We identify with it. We take it personally because it seems we are these concepts/roles/definitions/traits.

      To answer your second question: You’re making that same assumption. I absolutely do not identify with being a rational mystic. It is simply a description of the key traits that help people decide if what is on this website might interest them. I tend to think of myself (and longtime followers of this blog and my books know this), as me, whatever that is. See this post for an example.

      But, because most people confuse the two (I the ego story for the I, whatever that is), they take any attack on their ego story as a personal attack on themselves and respond accordingly. Ergo the source of at least 90% of the problems in the world. So sad.

  2. I agree that we are attached to our identities because of uninvestigated beliefs, but I also think that we have to keep them regardless. They are the “hands” we’ve been dealt.

    What I believe spiritual work to be is to purify the ego that one does need to live in this realm. We’re hardwired to organize ourselves into an ego, although meditation and vipassana are ways to deconstruct the hard-wiring and see where some repairs/purification can be made.

    No need to get defensive about identifying as a rational mystic; just purify what your kamma has steered you into and steer skillfully and with compassion within the role.

    • “why are you attached to your identity as a “rational mystic”?”

      “No need to get defensive about identifying as a rational mystic;”

      Passive aggressive comments get you put on moderated status. 🙂 I was simply answering your question and addressing you assumptions truthfully.


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